7 Creative Ways To Decorate Rocks

7 Creative Ways To Decorate Rocks | Handmade Charlotte

I’ve always loved rocks. I think it’s a fas­ci­na­tion for many kids—at least, I see my daugh­ter fol­low­ing in my foot­steps (she prefers to col­lect them from every park­ing lot we visit?). But for me it’s become more than that. From soft river rocks to the large smooth stones of Lake Supe­rior, I have a bit of an obsession.

DIY Stone Dolls / Painted Rocks via maya made

In fact, we gave painted rocks as wed­ding favors. So, it’s no sur­prise that this week’s DIY col­lec­tion is all about painted rocks. I can’t get enough. I have an entire col­lec­tion of blank rocks just wait­ing for paint. But some­times a gal needs a spark to get the cre­ative juices going. This list should do it—I think I’ll be try­ing these sweet, sim­ple Stone Dolls from maya*made first!

DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Rocks via Eighteen 25

Tic-Tac-Toe Rocks
via Eigh­teen 25

This is the sim­plest craft – and per­fect for get­ting the kids involved, too. They can pick their own col­ors and pat­terns, as well as do the painting.

DIY Gold Leaf Rocks via Design*Sponge

Gold Leaf Rocks
via Design*Sponge

These gilded rocks are stun­ning, right? Maybe not the most kid-friendly project, but wow, a col­lec­tion of these on a shelf or table would be inspirational.

DIY Rock People via Elke Dag Zaterdag

Rock Peo­ple
via Merula

Turn your rocks into cre­ative puz­zles, like these rock peo­ple. Mix and match heads to the bod­ies. Or make three-part puz­zles with heads, bod­ies, and feet for some extra match­ing fun!

DIY Crochet Rock via Pieces I Enjoy

Cro­cheted Rock
via Pieces I Enjoy

You can find fin­ished rocks like these on Etsy as well, but this tuto­r­ial makes it seem doable on your own. That extra time and effort always adds so much to the fin­ished piece.

DIY Rock Car Paperweights

Rock Car Paper­weights
via La Classe de la Meas­tra Valentina

Bubble-shaped cars like these always make me smile. They’re just so much more friendly than the actual cars on the road. Plus, paper­weights make a great gift from the kiddos.

DIY Painted Rocks via 100 Layer Cake

Painted Rocks
via 100 Layer Cake (also pic­tured at top of post)

Though there isn’t a tuto­r­ial, the icons and col­ors on these rocks are super inspi­ra­tional. I love the combo of metal­lic and white!

What are some of your favorite ways to dec­o­rate rocks? Share in the comments!