8 Yummy Five Minute Mug Cake Recipes

5 Minute Chocolate Fudge Smore’s Mug Cakes

As the daugh­ter of two gym teach­ers, I grew up with a lot of clap­ping, whistling, run­ning, and moti­va­tional sound­tracks. So with that as my excuse, THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST YEAR EVER! Let’s go for it this year! Who’s with me? Come on!

To start off the New Year right, we’re going to cel­e­brate with cake. Ok, it’s not the break­fast of cham­pi­ons, but it’s awe­some and awe­some always counts. These 5-minute mug cake recipes are super yummy and a snap to make.

The Ultimate Gooey Caramel Brownie Mug Cake Sundae

The Ulti­mate Gooey Caramel Brownie Mug Cake Sun­dae
via wil­low bird baking

This ooey-gooey, yummy good­ness is wor­thy of all the hand clap­ping you can muster. It’s deca­dent enough to serve as a share­able dessert to a fam­ily of four and indul­gent enough to keep to your­self after a day of hard work.

Microwave Mug Brownie Recipe

Microwave Mug Brownie
via cook­ing classy

No one said indul­gence has to be time con­sum­ing. Go ahead and reward your­self with this effort­less treat con­cocted in the microwave!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cakes

Choco­late Peanut But­ter Mug Cake
via the novice chef

This recipe promises to pro­vide you with the per­fect tex­ture, unbeat­able tasti­ness, and com­fort that only a choco­late and peanut but­ter combo can afford, all served up in a cute lit­tle mug.

Blueberry Muffin with Streusel Topping Mug Cake

Blue­berry Muf­fin with Streusel Top­ping Mug Cake
via kirbie’s crav­ings

Ooh, now here’s one that’s pass­able as a single-serving break­fast. Go ahead and sur­prise your fam­ily with a warm muf­fin mug with a side of fruit to get them going some spe­cial morning.

Nutty Chocolate Mug Cake

Nutty Choco­late Mug Cake
via this lit­tle street

A lit­tle Nutella and a Fer­rero Rocher choco­late makes for a warm, tasty win­ter after­noon treat in a sharable serving.

5-Minute Peach Cobbler Mug Cake Recipe

5-Minute Peach Cob­bler Mug Cake
via cook­ing classy

Ready to give choco­late a break? You can make up a peach cob­bler in a mug in five min­utes. Yum!

Cookies and Cream Mug Cake

Cook­ies and Cream Mug Cake
via kirbie’s crav­ings

Take five basic ingre­di­ents and make a treat that will keep the kid­dos giddy with excite­ment long after they’ve devoured it.

Happy New Year!

Pic­tured at top of post: It may be too cold for camp­ing, but luck­ily you can bring the camp­fire fun indoors with this 5-Minute Choco­late Fudge S’Mores Mug Cake via How Sweet It Is.