Tools Of The Trade

Drawing Machine

Draw­ing Machine
avail­able for $19 from all lovely stuff

A do-it-yourself draw­ing machine com­prised of an oak cot­ton reel, peg, felt tip pen, rub­ber band, and a small bit of wax. Fun!

Gorgeous wooden rulers

Wooden Rulers
avail­able from hay

Bold & bright pat­terns bring these every­day objects to life.

Copper & Glass Drafting Set

Cop­per Draft­ing Set
designed by jen­nifer tran

A twist on the typ­i­cal pro­trac­tor, tri­an­gle and ruler made from cop­per and glass.

Brass Utility Knife

Brass Util­ity Knife
designed by jen­nifer tran

Another basic tool brought to a new level through choice of mate­r­ial by Jen­nifer Tran.

Wood eraser / brush from Present & Correct

Eraser Brush
avail­able for $15 from present & correct

A sim­ple but immi­nently use­ful wooden block with an eraser on one end and a nat­ural hair brush on the other. Made by blind and visu­ally impaired crafts­men in Berlin.

Rethinking the compass, uses pencil as second axis Rethinking the compass, uses pencil as second axis

designed by Asaf Wein­broom

A lim­ited edi­tion com­pass made using only one arm (the pen­cil serves as the sec­ond axis).