Amazing Playgrounds

crochet pplayground

From a yarn play­ground cro­cheted by hand to a glow-in-the-dark skatepark, these are some of the coolest playscapes I’ve seen yet.

crochet pplayground crochet pplayground

Lots of peo­ple cro­chet, but how many do you know that order yarn by the ton? Such is the case for Toshiko Hori­uchi MacAdam, the artist behind the stun­ning Rain­bow Net play­ground at the Hakone Sculp­ture Park in Japan. The idea for the cro­chet playscape actu­ally hap­pened by acci­dent, after Toshiko observed two chil­dren inter­act­ing with a cro­chet art instal­la­tion she had on exhibit. (via playscapes)

primary structure playground by jacob dahlgren primary structure playground by jacob dahlgren

The col­or­ful Pri­mary Struc­ture by Jacob Dahlgren is located deep in the for­est of a rural estate in Swe­den called Wanas. Serv­ing as part of an arts foun­da­tion,  the wooded estate has over 50 per­ma­nent out­door art instal­la­tions that are open to the pub­lic dur­ing var­i­ous exhi­bi­tions and fes­ti­vals that are held through­out the year. (via playscapes)

glow-in-the-dark skate park glow-in-the-dark skate park

Skaters can burn the mid­night oil at OTRO, a glow-in-the-dark skate­board park located on Vas­siviére Island in France. Tak­ing over four years to com­plete, Korean designer Koo Jeong-A used phos­pho­res­cent con­crete that cre­ates a nightly glow equiv­a­lent to the light of a mil­lion fire­flies. (via design­boom)

  • Melissa Kojima

    Mind blow­ing, play­ground fun! Play­grounds are still some of my favorite places and spaces. These ones are at the top of the list now! That’s so won­der­ful how the Japan­ese cro­chet came up with the play­ground. I’d love to play on it. And the glow in the dark skate part is tooooooo awesome!

  • Jenni @ Just Stuff

    Wow! Amaz­ing is right. I want to visit all three of these. Thanks for post­ing about them.

  • Stephanie @ Henry Happened

    I’m impressed. I don’t see how any­one would not want to play in those, haha!

  • kim

    Wow! Just wow!

  • Mechelle

    The cro­cheted play­ground is sooooooo cool. Would love to help make one of those in our community