And They Call It Puppet Love…

Hand Puppet by Renate Müller

I’m in the mood for a few nice pup­pets (I have Dad­dy­types to thank for that). Last week I noticed Greg Allen’s post about a small col­lec­tion of Renate Müller’s toys in the Son­neberg Toy Museum, Ger­many (her home town), and I was pleased to see a cou­ple of sim­ple hand pup­pets and pup­pet the­aters among them.

Renate Muller Skittles Toy

Like Rachel, I have a soft spot for Renate Müller’s hand­made jute and leather ther­a­peu­tic toys, and find col­lec­tor gems like these hard to resist. Until I look at the price tag, that is – sigh!

Paper Finger Puppets by Yumiko Froehlich Paper Finger Puppets by Yumiko Froehlich

Paper Fin­ger Pup­pets
cre­ated by yumiko froehlich

I’m hard to please puppet-wise. Sim­plic­ity is usu­ally the key for me. I guess I could always try and make my own like Yumiko Froehlich, one of my favorite Japan­ese illus­tra­tors, who recently made this cute lit­tle fin­ger set for her daugh­ter. You just can’t go wrong with a bit of paper, color and imag­i­na­tion, can you?

Handmade Puppets by Nhocchi

Hand­made Pup­pets by Nhoc­chi
avail­able for $25 from nhoc­chi on etsy.

Online hand­made mar­ket places abound with hand­made pup­pets. I found plenty of inter­est­ing ones in the Czech Repub­lic via FLER, an obvi­ous choice I know, but was sur­pris­ingly smit­ten with Nhocchi’s pup­pet sets on Etsy.

I think the best toys and prod­ucts for kids have a story to tell and Nhocchi’s pup­pets are wait­ing to do just that. The New York-based com­pany offer six char­ac­ters at present, all hand­made, well-styled and quite endear­ing really.

Handmade Puppets by Nhocchi on Etsy

My vote goes to the rhino, with the chicken com­ing in a very close sec­ond place – such fun!

Flying Pocket Elephants via Etsy

Fly­ing Pocket Ele­phants
avail­able for $20 from nhoc­chi

Nancy Dinh and Jamie Williams are the two cre­ative minds behind Nhóc­chi (Nhóc is a Viet­namese word for a play­ful, imag­i­na­tive child with a touch of mis­chief, and Jamie, whose fam­ily came from Sicily and Naples, was plumped up as a child on gnoc­chi of all kinds). Their store is small but full of things that kids just love.

I mean, long-armed cud­dly mon­key friends, mouse wall orga­niz­ers and fly­ing zip­pered pocket ele­phants… now you’re really talking!

Image at top of post via Deutsches Spielzeug­mu­seum Son­neberg, fol­low by a skit­tles toy by Renate Müller (avail­able for $425 from Furniture-Inc).