Scavenger Hunt Apartment in NYC

architect builds scavenger hunt into nyc apartment

Archi­tect Eric Clough secretly built an insane scav­enger hunt into a Park Avenue apart­ment he ren­o­vated. It took the fam­ily months to dis­cover the scav­enger hunt and weeks after that to fig­ure it all out.


“In any case, the finale involved, in part, remov­ing dec­o­ra­tive door knock­ers from two hall­way pan­els, which fit together to make a crank, which in turn opened hid­den pan­els in a cre­denza in the din­ing room, which dis­played mul­ti­ple keys and key­holes, which, when the cor­rect ones were used, yielded draw­ers con­tain­ing acrylic let­ters and a table-size cloth imprinted with the begin­nings of a cross­word puz­zle, the answers to which led to one of the rec­tan­gu­lar pan­els in the tiny den, which con­cealed a cham­fered mag­netic cube, which could be used to open the 24 remain­ing pan­els, reveal­ing, in large type, the poem writ­ten by Mr. Klin­sky.” Whew!