Muppets Recipe: Beaker BLT Wraps

Muppets Recipe: Beaker BLT Wraps

Have any of you seen the new Mup­pet movie? I’ve been beg­ging my kids to let me take them. I grew up with the Mup­pets, so I have a spe­cial place in my heart for those crazy, endear­ing (and endur­ing) pup­pets. Espe­cially Beaker. What’s not to love? Those beady eyes. That wild orange hair. And his clas­sic “meep” sound.

Well, here’s an edi­ble ver­sion of Beaker that’s sure to bring a smile to Mup­pet fans young and old. I call it a Beaker BLT Wrap. Bacon, let­tuce and tomato yum­mi­ness, all rolled together and acces­sorized to look like Beaker.

I won­der if the Swedish Chef could whip one of these up for me?

Muppets Recipe: Beaker BLT Wraps


This recipe will make two Beaker BLT Wraps.

  • 1 large flour tor­tilla shell
  • 1 large whole wheat tor­tilla shell
  • 8 strips of bacon, cooked
  • 1/2 cup diced tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup cream cheese (4 ounces)
  • 1/2 cup shred­ded lettuce
  • 1 moz­zarella cheese stick
  • 2 orange cherry tomatoes
  • 4–5 black olives
  • 1/2 cup julianne carrots\
  • Black edi­ble food col­or­ing marker

Step 1

Muppets Recipe: Beaker BLT Wraps

Mix cream cheese and diced toma­toes together. Spread over whole wheat tor­tilla shell.

Step 2

Muppets Recipe: Beaker BLT Wraps

Layer four strips of cooked bacon and 1/4 cup let­tuce on top of cream cheese mixture.

Step 3

Muppets Recipe: Beaker BLT Wraps

Roll up tor­tilla wrap. (Approx­i­mately 2 inches around.) Wrap in plas­tic wrap and store in refrig­er­a­tor until you have the other Beaker acces­sories cut and ready to assemble.

Step 4

Muppets Recipe: Beaker BLT Wraps

To make the eyes, cut 3/4-inch pieces of a moz­zarella stick with kitchen shears and trim until you have formed round balls of cheese. Make holes in the cen­ter with a knife or tooth­pick and add cir­cles of black olives. (I used a clean hole punch to make mine.)

Step 5

Muppets Recipe: Beaker BLT Wraps

Cut strips of a flour tor­tilla shell approx­i­mately 5“x2” for Beaker’s lab coat. (Wide enough to fit around your BLT wrap.) Using kitchen shears, cut the col­lar shapes and fold over.

Step 6

Muppets Recipe: Beaker BLT Wraps

Cut your BLT wrap in half, trim­ming off the rounded ends.

Step 7

Muppets Recipe: Beaker BLT Wraps

Using a lit­tle bit of your cream cheese mix­ture, spread it on a small area at the bot­tom of your wraps. Place a rec­tan­gle of let­tuce over it. (This becomes Beaker’s “shirt” under his lab coat.) Spread more of the cream cheese mix­ture on the back of the lab coat tor­tilla strip, and attach it to the bot­tom of the BLT wrap. Using more cream cheese, attach pieces of black olive that are cut into the shape of a necktie.

Step 8

Muppets Recipe: Beaker BLT Wraps

Draw Beaker’s mouth with a black food col­or­ing marker. Attach the cheese eyes and tomato nose with toothpicks.

Step 9

Muppets Recipe: Beaker BLT Wraps

Insert juli­enne car­rots into the top of the BLT wrap for Beaker’s hair. Mmmmm…. Muppets!

  • Amanda For­maro

    SOOO cute! I made a beaker from a card­board tube and the resem­blance is uncanny! haha! Love.

  • Amanda For­maro
  • San­dra Denneler

    Yes! Yes! Yes! You were totally my inspi­ra­tion. I remem­ber see­ing that on Pin­ter­est and think­ing “how can I make an edi­ble ver­sion of Beaker?”

  • Amanda For­maro

    No way! That’s so totally fun :)

  • San­dra Denneler

    Thanks, Kath­leen!

  • Cindy_deRosier

    I’m the Edi­to­r­ial Assis­tant for Fun Fam­ily Crafts and I wanted to let you know that we have fea­tured your Beaker project! You can see it here:

    If you have other kid-friendly crafts, we’d love it if you would sub­mit them. If you would like to dis­play a fea­tured but­ton on your site, you can grab one from the right side bar of your post above. Thanks for an awe­some idea!

  • t.potts

    This is awe­some, I can’t believe I’m just now see­ing this. I’m doing this for my kids this school year. So, so. cute!

  • Julie

    These are about the cutest lit­tle wraps ever. Shar­ing on FB tonight!