Best DIY IKEA Hacks for Kids’ Rooms

Best Ikea Hacks for Kids' Rooms

IKEA is a favorite shop­ping spot among moms, and the giant Swedish manufacturer’s show­rooms are full of fan­tas­tic & afford­able design ideas for kids’ rooms. But here are a few great ideas we scouted where IKEA fur­ni­ture has been repur­posed and hacked into clever and unique children’s room decor.

Let’s take a closer look…

IKEA Hacks for Kids' Rooms: EXPEDIT bookcase transformed into a quirky dollhouse

This EXPEDIT book­case was trans­formed into a quirky doll­house, thanks to a clever wall­pa­per back­ground. Brilliant!

IKEA Hacks for Kids' Rooms: GRUNDTAL magnetic knife rack repurposed as a wall storage for toy cars

How about a GRUNDTAL mag­netic knife rack repur­posed as wall stor­age for toy cars? Now that’s a clever idea!

IKEA Hacks for Kids' Rooms: a MALM dresser got dressed up with fun shape stickers

This basic MALM dresser got dressed up with fun shape stick­ers. Per­fect for a lit­tle girl’s room!

IKEA Hacks for Kids' Rooms: LÄTT chair set updated into a fun owl chair

This LÄTT chair set was updated into a fun owl chair. Just fol­low this tuto­r­ial.

IKEA Hacks for Kids' Rooms: MAMMUTT stool becomes a sweet mushroom

The basic MAMMUTT stool becomes a sweet mush­room decor piece, thanks to Smith and Scott.

IKEA Hacks for Kids' Rooms: MALM dresser with cut out clothing shapes

Help your child orga­nize their clothes and put the fresh pile of laun­dry back where it belongs by updat­ing a sim­ple MALM dresser with cut-out cloth­ing shapes. A clever mom-helper!

These are only a few of our favorites—the pos­si­bil­i­ties are prac­ti­cally end­less. How about you, do you have a favorite DIY IKEA hack you’d like to share?

Image cred­its (from the top): Zo Wieso (photo 1), Swiss Miss (photo 2), Pinja Colada (photo 3), Good Ideas for You (photo 4), Smith and Scott (photo 5), Bolig Pluss (photo 6).

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  • Toni-Louise

    I love the idea of the book­case doll­house! Brilliant…also I think I need those organ­iser pic­tures on the draw­ers for the fella! xxx

  • Clair

    the idea of using mag­netic knife racks for toy cars? BRILLIANT!!!

  • kate

    We just bought a lit­tle Expe­dit book­case to make a doll­house and will do some­thing sim­i­lar with washi tape in her room. My daugh­ter is turn­ing 9 and decided to give her big wooden doll­house to two lit­tle girls.