7 Ways To Blow Better Bubbles

Homemade Giant Bubbles Tutorial

The first warm, sunny day of spring is always the best excuse to get out our bubble-making para­pher­na­lia. But by the time July rolls around, we’ve for­got­ten all about those glo­ri­ous bub­bles. It’s at this point in the sum­mer when our usual sum­mer pas­times start to become passé to a cer­tain young­ster in my house­hold, so I guess I’m not surprised.

So I’m think­ing it’s time to revamp our bub­ble blow­ing options. These DIY projects run the gamut from sim­ple recy­cling to seri­ous bead­mak­ing. There’s even a chance to make some really col­or­ful messes and pre­tend you’re a sci­en­tist, if you’re so inclined.

The only prob­lem is decid­ing which project to start first. Maybe I should plan on one a week until the end of the sum­mer? I think I can just squeeze them in..

DIY Beaded Bubble Wands

DIY Beaded Bub­ble Wands
via Kleas

My lit­tle Birdie would LOVE mak­ing these. She’d prob­a­bly ask to make sev­eral. You can pull out some shaped cookie cut­ters (stars, hearts, cir­cles) to help make inter­est­ing tops, too.

DIY Rainbow Bubble Snakes

DIY Rain­bow Bub­ble Snakes
via Princess and Pigtails

Bub­ble snakes are such a fas­ci­nat­ing idea! Plus, the bub­ble solu­tion is eas­ier to make – no spe­cial ingre­di­ents to get from the store. All you need is an old sock, a bot­tle, dish soap, and maybe some food col­or­ing. Instant magic!

DIY Bubble Shooter

DIY Bub­ble Shooter
via Kids Activ­i­ties Blog

This one is so sim­ple the kids could prob­a­bly do it all by them­selves. I can’t believe we’ve never tried a bub­ble shooter before! Though I have to say, I wish it actu­ally shot them out, but hey, it’s still a dif­fer­ent deliv­ery method, which counts as new and exciting!

DIY Recycled Bubble Blowers

DIY Recy­cled Bub­ble Blow­ers
via Home­spun Threads

I love find­ing all the dif­fer­ent ways you can blow a bub­ble – like using the top of a plas­tic water bot­tle. Bril­liant! (I’ve also seen sev­eral posts using pipe clean­ers, which sur­prised me as well!)

DIY Bubble Art for Kids

DIY Bub­ble Art
via Library Mak­ers

Too rainy to blow bub­bles, or maybe your artistes want some­thing that will last? Cre­ate some easy bub­ble splat­ter art with this quick tuto­r­ial. The results look frame-worthy to me.

DIY Stain-Free Color Bubbles

Stain­less Col­ored Bub­bles
via Life­Hacker

So the list of ingre­di­ents includes a cou­ple of big words. But for those of you sci­en­tists who love a good con­coc­tion, and espe­cially for the older kids, this project looks pretty fas­ci­nat­ing. Using the same con­cept that cre­ates dis­ap­pear­ing ink (there’s a link for that DIY, too!), these bub­bles will loose their color before they can leave a stain on your clothes. Cool!

Pic­tured at the top of the post: Home­made Giant Bub­bles from Happy Hooli­gans.