Monday Inspiration

bunk bed with nook

This built-in bunk bed & nook by Van Oud Hout makes great use of wasted space in a vaulted children’s room (via poppytalk on pinterest).

cool backyard playhouse / treehouse

This backyard playhouse / treehouse in São Paulo is totally fantastic (via the boo and the boy).

cube playhouse

A super fun cubby house / playhouse by Latitude 37 Homes.

100 wild huts by kevin langan

I’m totally in love with this living tipi from Kevin Langan’s 100 Wild Huts project.

wooden toy car by gridy

A wooden toy car with skateboard wheels by Gridy.

  • Melissa Kojima

    Oh, I love all these forts and play houses. The living teepee is amazing. I like the rope fort in Sao Paulo. I’d like to play in them. Of course, I’m a kid who has never grown up. Hehehehee!

  • Cas Jon Jaz Ryder

    Oh wow that first bunk is so cute and a great idea for rooms with a sloping roof.
    love it.