A Bicycle Built For School

Onderwater Tandem Dutch Family Bicycle

What could be cooler than carpooling to school every morning on a bicycle? If you’ve got the guts to attempt it, these bikes from Rolling Orange Bikes in Brooklyn have plenty of room for the whole family.

Onderwater Kids Tandem XL Dutch Family Bike

Onderwater Kids Tandem XL
available for $3,900 at rolling orange bikes

The ultimate family bus! By adding a baby seat on the back rack and handlebars, you can comfortably carry up to four kids at a time. The smaller pedals up front allow children to pedal as well–if they get too tired, they can use the footrest and let mom or dad pick up the slack.

De Fietsfabriek PackMax Duo dutch family bicycle

De Fietsfabriek PackMax Duo
available for $2,100 at rolling orange bikes

This bike is a bit less extreme, but it can still carry up to three children by adding another seat just behind the handlebars. The handy crate up front can be used for toting school gear (you can add an electric assist battery pack if things get too heavy).

De Fietsfabriek Bakfiets Classic

De Fietsfabriek Bakfiets Classic
available for $3,475 at rolling orange bikes

The front-mounted wooden crate on this cargo bike can be used to carry children, pets, groceries, and just about anything else you could imagine. Like the last bike, an electric option is available to offer some relief if the hills get too steep (or you simply get too tired).

Need room for even more? Check out this pedal-powered school bus!

(image pictured at top of post via henryinamsterdam on flickr)

  • http://www.melissakojima.com Melissa Kojima

    Family bike? Yes please! I love it. I’m an avid bike rider and some of my articulated paper dolls ride those old fashioned penny farthing bikes. These are marvelous. Also lovin’ the pedal powered school bus. How fun!

  • Winterhexe

    I have a Chinese version (they spec it up with Euro hubs & gears) of the trike with the box up front & love it. For any southern hemisphere folk I can highly recommend a Cargo Bike (Melbourne). I usually rode to kindergarten with my two girls but would end up with four on the way back home. And this first year of primary school, even the big kids think its cool & want a ride – practical and what I need rather than time in a gym!

  • http://www.handmadecharlotte.com/ handmade charlotte

    So cool, thanks for sharing!

  • Seiran

    I am married to Winterhexe above and I too would recommend these:
    We even bought ours unassembled and I did the dirty work to save few dollars and to familiarise myself with it as I would be maintaining it. Even seeing it parked in the garage makes me smile!