Chalkboard Walls

chalkboard wall in kids rooms

Every child is an artist,” Pablo Picasso once said. What better way to let your young artist express themselves than a simple chalkboard wall?

A chalkboard wall instantly adds personality to a child’s room. And it can motivate kids to draw, play teacher with their siblings or plush toys, or even learn their ABCs or multiplication tables.

Here are a few of our favorite examples…

chalkboard wall in kids rooms chalkboard wall in kids rooms

A chalkboard, in a child’s mind, is a piece of freedom, a wall where they are allowed to create masterpieces – as opposed to mom’s kitchen wall or the hallway!

chalkboard wall in kids rooms chalkboard wall in kids rooms

Chalkboards come in all colors, and the web is full of DIY recipes to make your own custom-color chalkboard. But I prefer them in old-fashioned black. The trick is to get dust-free chalk – less chalk dust means a lot less cleaning time!

chalkboard wall in kids rooms chalkboard wall in kids rooms

If you don’t feel like painting on the wall, you can scout some vintage chalkboards and arrange them on a wall like a collage. But beware of little artists who might “chalk” outside the box! You can also paint the storage doors in your child’s playroom instead of the wall.

chalkboard wall in kids rooms chalkboard wall in kids rooms

So get your paintbrushes and rollers ready, and make an artist’s canvas for your little one on a whole wall, or a portion of one. You may even release your own inner artist – plus, you’ll be the coolest parent ever for drawing on the wall with your kid.

Careful — overdose of fun ahead!

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  • Emma Hicks
  • Creative Directory

    Love it

  • Melissa Kojima

    Yes! Chalkboard walls are awesome! I love this idea! Hip hip hooray for those who are doing this for their kids and themselves!!!

  • Sari Jane’s

    this is super cute! i love chalkboard surfaces… they really set imaginations free! :)

  • Maggie Worthington

    This is the coolest thing ever! Love the chalkboards that take up the whole wall! Putting this in the future home idea box!!

  • Rose

    We have a chalkboard wall in our kitchen, and we LOVE it! It keeps the kids busy while I’m cooking dinner, and we can decorate it for special occasions, with “Happy Birthday Alice” or “Merry Christmas” messages.

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