Coloring Beyond The Page

Color-In Cat Plush Toy for Kids  by Marina Maminas

I think most would agree that the world is a hap­pier place with a bit of color. Our home is fairly neu­tral, but our kids’ rooms have always been bright & cheerful.

I’m lucky all of my chil­dren are “artsy” and  love to paint, draw, and make things. They know how to keep them­selves busy—most of the time. Of course, it’s nice to have a few cre­ative projects ready for when the kids get bored.

We all love col­or­ing, inside and out­side the lines. Here’s a col­lec­tion of orig­i­nal col­or­ing activ­i­ties that recently caught my eye.

NYC Coloring Book via Etsy

NYC Col­or­ing Book
Avail­able for $5 from Win­dows of Agate on Etsy.

Col­or­ing books are per­fect trav­el­ing com­pan­ions. Although it’s easy to find col­or­ing print­a­bles, it’s also nice to have a book that you can save as a sou­venir. This eight page, hand-drawn col­or­ing book is small enough to carry around and includes pic­tures of all the famous NYC sights.

Be sure to check out the Paris-themed color-in table­cloths from French designer Marielle Bazard as well—they’re a per­fect primer for a Euro­pean sum­mer vacation :)

Giant Color-In Art Gallery Poster for Kids Giant Color-In Family Tree Poster for Kids

Giant Color-In Art Gallery & Fam­ily Tree Posters
Avail­able for $15 from Clare Close.

UK designer Clare Close had so much suc­cess with her color-in Christ­mas tree that she decided to cre­ate a whole new range of prod­ucts. Per­fect for par­ties and long rainy days, her posters come in two sizes and make great keep­sakes. I love the fam­ily tree idea (four gen­er­a­tions) in par­tic­u­lar, but once com­pleted, the por­trait gallery would make a super fea­ture in child’s room!

"Dots" Visual Identity by  by Eva Markova. "Dots" Visual Identity by  by Eva Markova.

“Dots” Visual Iden­tity Eva Markova
Designed by Eva Markova.

Poster series for the Musée d’Art de Pully Poster Series for the Musée d’Art de Pully

Poster Series for the Musée d’Art de Pully
Designed by Emmanuelle Klae­figer.

Why not start with the color and then add the draw­ings? Eva Markova based her entire grad­u­a­tion project on dots, cre­at­ing a strong, play­ful visual iden­tity for a children’s cloth­ing shop (be sure to look at the win­dow dis­play and the shop interior).

Kids will have a great time invent­ing funny, silly char­ac­ters from ink, paint, food dye, or what­ever else you like. Show them Emmanuelle Klaefiger’s poster series to inspire them, let their imag­i­na­tion will do the rest!

Pic­tured at top of post: Color-In Cat Plush by Marina Mam­i­nas.