Coolest Baby Books Ever

Plibook Collection by Piqpoq

If you’ve been looking for a modern baby book or children’s journal without the typical Precious Moments-style illustrations, the Plibook Collection by Piqpoq is just what you need. The accordion-style fold-out books offer plenty of white space for recording notes & thoughts as well as bold graphics that act as guidelines for your photos, souvenirs, drawings, and whatever else you’d like to include.

Each book comes beautifully packaged in a hardbound slipcase, destined to become a treasured keepsake handed down for generations.

Present & Correct Baby Book Present & Correct Baby Book

Plibook Baby Book
available for $17 at Kickcan & Conkers

Plibook Travel Journal by Piqpoq Plibook Travel Journal by Piqpoq

Plibook Travel Journal
available for $17 at Kickcan & Conkers

Idea Book by Piqpoq Idea Book by Piqpoq

Plibook Idea Book
available for $17 at Kickcan & Conkers

  • Lexy @ The Proper Pinwheel

    Hi Rachel! Shared this book roundup on the blog today! Great find! :)

  • Savanah Macaulay

    This rocks in a serious way!  I love the idea of actually inviting creativity among children rather than stifling it :)

  • Pranav Dadarwala

    These books are amazing!