Decorating With Decals


Thanks to David Tor­rents, I’ve finally real­ized that wall stick­ers can be fun! I’ve never really been a huge fan of decals, despite my love of art, but even I would love to play around with this set of stick­ers inspired by the work of Dutch graphic designer and teacher Karel Martens (pic­tured above).

As you can see, the Karel Kit is made up of numer­ous, col­or­ful meccano-like parts that chil­dren can stick together to cre­ate their own shapes, scenes and sto­ries. The decals are semi-transparent so they’re par­tic­u­larly effec­tive on glass, as shown above, but will adhere to almost any surface.

I’m smit­ten, and my enthu­si­asm has prompted me to share a small selec­tion of orig­i­nal decal finds – enjoy!


Flower Wall Stick­ers illus­trated by Nathalie Lété
avail­able for $72 from molly meg

One look at this wall full of flow­ers drawn by French artist Nathalie Lété and I’m in the mood for Spring. Fresh and uplift­ing, these roman­tic stick­ers would be per­fect for a lit­tle girl’s room or any­where in the home.


La Parade Wall Stick­ers
avail­able for $34 from pois­son bulle

If you’re look­ing for some­thing cute, children’s illus­tra­tor Swan­tje & Frieda has just cre­ated an exclu­sive range of sweet stick­ers and friezes for the French online shop Pois­son Bulle. Col­or­ful and quirky, these endear­ing crea­tures would brighten up any nurs­ery, bed­room or play space. Don’t miss the rest of her collection!


Lars and Ida Wall Stick­ers
avail­able for $65 from as sweet as cot­ton candy

I love these bright graphic boy and girl stick­ers Lars and Ida that I found on pin­ter­est. Mod­ern and eye-catching, you can use them to per­son­al­ize a kid’s wall, door or win­dow even. Both stick­ers are avail­able in sev­eral col­ors and the price includes the child’s name (price depends on num­ber of letters).


Car Chalk­board Sticker
avail­able for $189 from lil’market

Chalk­board decals are fun and fairly easy to find these days! Bud­ding artists will love doo­dling and col­or­ing on the wall, espe­cially if it’s inside a big car, a fairy cas­tle, a tree or any other of the inspir­ing designs avail­able from this orig­i­nal Ital­ian children’s store.


Frame Dec­o­ra­tive Tape
avail­able for $22.50 from art­ful kids / culturelabel

Although not strictly speak­ing a wall decal, I thought this dec­o­ra­tive frame tape was some­thing dif­fer­ent and per­fect for boost­ing a child’s artis­tic con­fi­dence! Just imag­ine how proud they would be to cre­ate an ever-changing mini-gallery of art­work in their own room!

Pic­tured at the top of post: Karel Kit by David Tor­rents, avail­able for $40 at Stick­away (via petit­spetit­stre­sors)