Design Your Own DIY Eraser Jewelry

Easy DIY Eraser Bracelet

Since I was a child, I’ve always loved little erasers. I still love them now, but I’m never sure what I should do with them. Should I collect them? Should I just use them as erasers? Even with all the mistakes I make, how many do I really need? But they are just too cute. If you or your kids are like me, put those sweet little erasers to use in a big new way by wearing them!

Easy DIY Eraser Bracelet

What You Need

  • Mini Erasers
  • Stretch thread (this is thinner than stretch cord)
  • Scissors
  • Needle (choose a needle that is sharp, thick, and has a large eye)


Easy DIY Eraser Bracelet
Step 1
Cut a 24” piece of stretch thread and thread the needle, doubling the thread. You won’t need to tie a knot in the end.

Carefully poke the needle through an eraser, pushing it through as straight as you can.

Easy DIY Eraser Bracelet
Step 2
Pull the eraser down the thread to within about 1-2 inches of the end. The thread will stretch as you slide the eraser, so pull it slowly, working it down a few inches at a time.

Easy DIY Eraser Bracelet
Step 3
Continue adding erasers. Don’t pull them so close to each other that the thread is stretched. You should be able to see some thread showing between the erasers.

For my small adult wrist, I made the bracelet 7 inches long. Adjust this size to fit your child.

Easy DIY Eraser Bracelet
Step 4
Tie a secure knot with the ends, knotting it close to the erasers. A double square knot is a good knot for this, or you may find suggested knotting techniques for the stretch thread you choose.

Trim the ends and slide the bracelet over your child’s hand.

Easy DIY Eraser Bracelet

Now that you’ve made a bracelet, how about a necklace? Or maybe try adding a larger eraser as a charm? There are so many cute erasers to make each piece of jewelry totally unique!

Happy crafting!

  • Ursula Rosien

    Adorable. I have a million of little erasers I’ve amassed from Sanrio’s store… great idea!

  • Madison Beaulieu

    Yes!!! Love Sanrio! I collected a bunch as a kid – kind of want to break them out and make something fun. :)

  • Michelle McInerney

    what a sweetheart of an idea!! I’m off to find cute erasers xx

  • Gaby Steele

    I used to absolutely love collecting cute erasers when I was a child, particularly the little animal ones. If only I’d thought to show them off like this!

  • Praveen Rao

    Can you please let me know where can I find similar mini erasers that you’ve used here?


  • handmadecharlotte

    Hi Praveen! Most dollar stores should have something like these erasers. A party store or office supply store might work too. Hope that helps!!