Disturbing Ideas

Baby Cage

How com­fort­able would you be using one of these?

The descrip­tion from Life:

“A nanny super­vis­ing a baby sus­pended in a wire cage attached to the out­side of a high ten­e­ment block win­dow. The cages were dis­trib­uted to mem­bers of the Chelsea Baby Club in Lon­don who have no gar­dens, or qualms about putting a child in a box dan­gling over a busy street.” [June 23, 1937]


  • Wish­ful­layla

    OMG! OMG!!!!! No!

  • https://twitter.com/arclight arclight

    I love my wire mommy.

  • Jen­nifer

    that is scary! I won­der if there were any acci­dents with these things! Awful!

  • Lisi

    This is REALLY, REALLY scary!!!!!

  • http://www.handmadecharlotte.com hand­made charlotte

    funny right.…back in he days of no car seats.…no seat belts…xo,rachel

  • http://antkowiaks.blogspot.com Ash­ley Antkowiak

    oh good­ness…

  • Amy­Hen­der­son

    Wow! And the nanny just there smil­ing away ha! My nerves!

  • anna

    I live in New York, and this is very com­mon on the south side of Williams­burg, Brook­lyn. Crazy, but it seems to work for big fam­i­lies in small apartments!

  • Kristin

    Anna from NY is 100% right — for what­ever rea­son the apt build­ings where Hasidic Jew­ish fam­i­lies live all have these iron bar “boxes” over all the win­dows and it is totally not uncom­mon to see a kid out chillin in them!!!

  • http://www.kitchencorners.com Damaris @Kitchen Corners

    humm… not with my baby! Just look­ing at this makes me uneasy.

  • The­up­stair­shall

    Showed these images to my teacher and her response was “Fan­tas­tic, those babies wouldn’t get Rick­ets!” She thought it was a fan­tas­tic idea for mak­ing sure baby got enough Vit­a­min D.

  • Sue

    Wow! I would not feel com­fort­able with those at all.