DIY Alphabet Magnets

DIY Alphabet Magnets

These magnets are so easy and fun to make! My little guy is learning his letters and this is the perfect way to help him do that. Grab your supplies and get started! Your kids will thank you.

What You’ll Need

DIY Alphabet Magnets
  • Polymer clay
  • Alphabet cookie cutters
  • Glass baking pan
  • Rolling pin
  • Magnets
  • Glue


DIY Alphabet Magnets

Step 1
First, grab your polymer clay and knead it. You want it to be nice and soft. Then roll it out with the rolling pin to the thickness you want for your letters.

DIY Alphabet Magnets

Step 2
Once it’s rolled out, cut the letters out!

DIY Alphabet Magnets

Step 3
Place the letters into a glass baking dish as you cut them out, then bake them according to the directions on your polymer clay packaging.

DIY Alphabet Magnets

Step 4
Let them cool! They are going to be pretty hot.

DIY Alphabet Magnets

Step 5
Add the magnets to the back and put them on a magnetic surface for some fun!

DIY Alphabet Magnets
  • Carly @ Zauberbear

    Those cheesy plastic store-bought ones have nothing on these. I think I’m gonna have to make some!

  • millaterry

    Ok maybe a silly question but do some of the alphabet cutters not come with holes, or is that so the magnets have a surface on which to stick? This is a brilliant idea.

  • Rachel Faucett

    Yeah so we are completely loving this craft! So much fun! You get the crafting, sensory, learning, awesome time elements all wrapped into one! Kersey is awesome and her super hip crafting makes us Jump!

  • Rachel Faucett

    Hi Carly,

    Our exact sentiments. Everything is always better handmade….right??

  • Kersey

    Hi Vicki!

    I got these a while back on amazon. These look like the same ones! Hope that helps, have fun!

  • Caroline Farley

    Love this! What kind of glue did you use to make sure the magnet sticks to the clay? so awesome