DIY Bird Wings Costume

DIY Bird Wings Costume for Kids

Eri posted a DIY tutorial for this amazing bird wings costume on her blog, Llevo el Invierno. She provides a free pattern that you can download as well, sized for children ages 18 to 36 months.

DIY Bird Wings Costume

Using the template she provides, you can assemble the wings by either gluing or sewing the fabric.

DIY Bird Wings Costume

According to Eri, the project isn’t all that difficult. It just takes some time and patience to cut and paste/sew all the pieces of fabric.

DIY Bird Wings Costume for Kids

Isn’t her daughter Emma absolutely adorable?

DIY Bird Wings Costume

Thanks, Eri!

  • Ulla V.

    OHHH! It’s too bad that my children are too old for Fastelavn as we call Trick or Treat here in Denmark. Otherwise I would have LOVED to make them some wings. Maybe I can make them for myself some time when a carnival appears. ;))

  • Pancakes For Recess (Pawan)

    Gorgeous! How fun are these???

  • Kelleynr

    Totally adorable!

  • sydney

    your website is so beautiful! i love reading everything. and your style is EXACTLY what i LOVE. thank you :)

  • Bumpkin

    SO cute! love them

  • Rachelle

    Love this DIY! So fun!! Have a Happy Weekend!

  • Info

    wow! I love them!

  • Julia @ simple truths

    This may be my new favorite thing. Love these.

  • Victoria Moreno


  • Kait’s Life

    Those are the cutest wings I have ever seen!! I have got to make them! If I start now, maybe I will get them done in time for my son to enjoy them!

  • Dori Schweier

    you need to click on the “diy tutorial/pattern available on her site” under the photo and it will take you to the website with the tutorial

  • Tracy Collins

    absolutely gorgeous..clever indeed.

  • schoolhouselife


  • Rebecca Maillette

    adorable. my little free spirit niece, jamison, needs these. :)

  • Lynette Losey

    Really cute! Such an awesome imagination you must have!

  • Lynette Losey

    I am having a problem finding the website with the tutorial for these awesome wings. Has anyone else found it that can give me the link?? Please.

  • grablife365

    I was thinking the same!

  • handmade charlotte

    Hey Guys Thanks for the Comments! I love my new Followers!:)

  • Jessica

    where is the tutorial?

  • handmade charlotte

    Sorry, the link can be hard to see on the light background :) Here it is:

  • Ladystamper

    made a version of these for my niece today. I used Stampin’ Up! fabrics and poly satins…..oh so cute and a total hit!!!

  • Emilie Ahern

    I made a step by step tutorial WITH THE PERMISSION of the original source. Find it here.

  • Visit Website

    Nice tutor. Your way of presentation is really too good. I
    am totally impressed by your post. I am looking for your more updates. Keep
    them coming.

  • Keri Valentine

    These are great! And i think the adults should be wearing them too…we all need a bit of escape – have included them on my blog piece on creatures see –

    thanks – keri

  • Oob Haus

    This would make a great costume for Halloween! All you would need to do is make a simple bird beak, and make a feather hat.

  • Felicity Ann Charles

    Thank You for the cool idea! She wanted to fly all year, now she is the blue bird of Happyness!

  • Sophie

    Hi ! I’m french so my english is not as well as your…
    I was looking for DIY ideas anf i found your picture.
    Yesterday i do it myself, my daughter is so happy to wear it at school today !

  • shabzz

    Wish there was a video on how to do this

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