DIY Bird Wings Costume

DIY Bird Wings Costume for Kids

Eri posted a DIY tuto­r­ial for this amaz­ing bird wings cos­tume on her blog, Llevo el Invierno. She pro­vides a free pat­tern that you can down­load as well, sized for chil­dren ages 18 to 36 months.

DIY Bird Wings Costume

Using the tem­plate she pro­vides, you can assem­ble the wings by either glu­ing or sewing the fabric.

DIY Bird Wings Costume

Accord­ing to Eri, the project isn’t all that dif­fi­cult. It just takes some time and patience to cut and paste/sew all the pieces of fabric.

DIY Bird Wings Costume for Kids

Isn’t her daugh­ter Emma absolutely adorable?

DIY Bird Wings Costume

Thanks, Eri!

  • Ulla V.

    OHHH! It’s too bad that my chil­dren are too old for Fastelavn as we call Trick or Treat here in Den­mark. Oth­er­wise I would have LOVED to make them some wings. Maybe I can make them for myself some time when a car­ni­val appears. ;))

  • Pan­cakes For Recess (Pawan)

    Gor­geous! How fun are these???

  • Kel­leynr

    Totally adorable!

  • syd­ney

    your web­site is so beau­ti­ful! i love read­ing every­thing. and your style is EXACTLY what i LOVE. thank you :)

  • Bump­kin

    SO cute! love them

  • Rachelle

    Love this DIY! So fun!! Have a Happy Weekend!

  • Info

    wow! I love them!

  • Julia @ sim­ple truths

    This may be my new favorite thing. Love these.

  • Vic­to­ria Moreno


  • Kait’s Life

    Those are the cutest wings I have ever seen!! I have got to make them! If I start now, maybe I will get them done in time for my son to enjoy them!

  • Dori Schweier

    you need to click on the “diy tutorial/pattern avail­able on her site” under the photo and it will take you to the web­site with the tutorial

  • Tracy Collins

    absolutely gorgeous..clever indeed.

  • school­house­life


  • Rebecca Mail­lette

    adorable. my lit­tle free spirit niece, jami­son, needs these. :)

  • Lynette Losey

    Really cute! Such an awe­some imag­i­na­tion you must have!

  • Lynette Losey

    I am hav­ing a prob­lem find­ing the web­site with the tuto­r­ial for these awe­some wings. Has any­one else found it that can give me the link?? Please.

  • grablife365

    I was think­ing the same!

  • hand­made charlotte

    Hey Guys Thanks for the Com­ments! I love my new Followers!:)

  • Jes­sica

    where is the tutorial?

  • hand­made charlotte

    Sorry, the link can be hard to see on the light back­ground :) Here it is:

  • Lady­s­tam­per

    made a ver­sion of these for my niece today. I used Stampin’ Up! fab­rics and poly satins.….oh so cute and a total hit!!!

  • Emi­lie Ahern

    I made a step by step tuto­r­ial WITH THE PERMISSION of the orig­i­nal source. Find it here.

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    them coming.

  • Keri Valen­tine

    These are great! And i think the adults should be wear­ing them too…we all need a bit of escape — have included them on my blog piece on crea­tures see -

    thanks — keri

  • Oob Haus

    This would make a great cos­tume for Hal­loween! All you would need to do is make a sim­ple bird beak, and make a feather hat.

  • Felic­ity Ann Charles

    Thank You for the cool idea! She wanted to fly all year, now she is the blue bird of Happyness!

  • Sophie

    Hi ! I’m french so my eng­lish is not as well as your…
    I was look­ing for DIY ideas anf i found your pic­ture.
    Yes­ter­day i do it myself, my daugh­ter is so happy to wear it at school today !