DIY Bedtime Story Shadow Puppets

DIY Printable Shadow Puppet Bedtime Stories

We take bed­time sto­ries pretty seri­ously in our home. The slight­est hint of a yawn sends the kids scram­bling for a stack of their favorite books, which never seem to be enough and leaves them beg­ging for “just one more” as they drift off into sleep. Who can blame them? The sto­ries are as impor­tant as any other basic neces­sity of life, tran­si­tion­ing us from the real­i­ties of the day to the imag­i­nary world of dreams.

On any given night, your sure to find at least one des­per­ate reader hid­ing under the blan­kets with a flash­light. So when Ener­gizer asked us to check out their new col­lec­tion of LED flash­lights, we decided to com­bine two favorite child­hood pastimes—enjoying sto­ries and play­ing with flashlights—to cre­ate a col­lec­tion of print­able bed­time story shadow puppets.

Grab a flash­light, turn off the lights, and get ready to bring your bed­time sto­ries to life!

DIY Printable Shadow Puppet Bedtime Stories

What You Need

  • Shadow pup­pet print­a­bles (down­load cabin & bear here, owl & rab­bit here)
  • Portable light source (we used the Ener­gizer® LED 3 in 1 Light and Ener­gizer® LED Pop Up Lantern)
  • Four paper straws, pen­cils, or wooden craft dow­els to use to con­trol the puppets
  • Two sheets white (or light-colored) card stock
  • Two sheets black card stock
  • Glue stick or spray adhe­sive (recommended)
  • Scis­sors (or craft knife)
  • Printer
  • Tape
DIY Printable Shadow Puppet Bedtime Stories

Step 1
Down­load the shadow pup­pets tem­plates using the links pro­vided above and print on white or light-colored card stock. Use spray adhe­sive or glue stick to attach a sheet of black card stock to the back of each tem­plate. Cut out the shapes.

DIY Printable Shadow Puppet Bedtime Stories

Step 2
Attach your han­dle of your choice (we ended up using party straws) to the back of each shadow pup­pet using a small piece of tape.

DIY Printable Shadow Puppet Bedtime Stories

Step 3
It’s time to set up the lights and start the show! The Ener­gizer LED flash­lights were well-suited for our needs. The fold­ing tri­pod legs turned the Ener­gizer® LED 3 in 1 Light into the ulti­mate mini floor stage light, while the handy Ener­gizer® LED Pop Up Lantern was per­fect for sit­u­a­tions where we needed to hang the light.

DIY Printable Shadow Puppet Bedtime Stories

All said and done, the new Ener­gizer LED flash­lights were big hits in the hands of our chil­dren. We highly rec­om­mend check­ing them out if you get a chance—be sure to come back and share your expe­ri­ences as they light up your next adventure!

Brought to you by Ener­gizer®. Click here to learn more about Ener­gizer® Portable Lights with Light Fusion Technology.

  • t.potts

    Awww.….my lit­tlest is so into pup­pets right now. She is going to love this. She puts on the cutest pup­pet shows.

  • Michelle — Lit­tle Paper Dog

    Oh my heck! Love this :)

  • Georgie St Clair

    I adore this DIY. It’s the sim­ple activ­i­ties like this that are the most fun some­times. I’ll be doing this with my kids!

  • Rachel Faucett

    Thanks! We had a blast mak­ing up our own charachters. Graph­ics­Fairy. Com has tons of cool open source to add to this col­lec­tion my hus­band made. Karen is the sweet­est! She has tons of free vin­tage Printables.

    Thanks for stop­ping in! I love your avatar. :)



  • Hand­made Charlotte

    Thanks Tracy! We had a blast and you will too!

  • Megan

    Just wanted to let you know that this project will be high­lighted tomor­row on the blog.


  • Gina

    Adorable! I’m just see­ing these now… as out tent sits out, but I can’t fore­see more camp­ing in Swe­den! We’re a house­hold fans of shadow pup­pets and I keep shadow pup­pets in our house, too. I haven’t seen a camp­ing kit. This one is beau­ti­ful done — it would have been per­fect for my son’s “Camp Grayson” birth­day party we had last sum­mer! Thank you for these — I’ll book­mark for next Summer!

  • bum­ble­bree­blog

    Inspired post!

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