DIY Kit Cat Clock Costume

DIY Cat Clock Costume

Time to start plan­ning those DIY cos­tumes! Luck­ily our new con­trib­u­tor Eri, author of the blog Llevo el invierno, dreamed up this super cool Kit Cat Clock cos­tume. With her easy-to-follow tuto­r­ial, you’ll have a unique getup for your 4 to 6 year old in time for Halloween!

DIY Cat Clock Costume

What You Need

  • Print­able mask and num­bers tem­plate (down­load here)
  • Pel­lon fab­ric in white
  • White card­board
  • Paste
  • Duct tape
  • Syn­thetic vel­vet fabric
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Black Sharpie ultra fine pen
  • For the eyes: two poly­styrene balls #6
  • For the nose: one poly­styrene ball #3
  • For the tail: black fab­ric and poly­ester filling
DIY Cat Clock Costume

How to Make the Mask

Step 1
Print the mask and the clock num­bers tem­plates. Check to make sure the actual size of your printed mask tem­plate is 9 cm wide.

DIY Cat Clock Costume

Step 2
Cut out the eye area, leav­ing two holes.

DIY Cat Clock Costume

Step 3
Place the Pel­lon on top of the mask tem­plate and trace the lines.

DIY Cat Clock Costume

Step 4
Paint the mask with black acrylic paint, leav­ing the area around the mouth and the bow tie white (see the photo below for the result).

DIY Cat Clock Costume

Step 5
Cut two holes in the bow tie as shown. Kids will be able to look out from here.

DIY Cat Clock Costume

Step 6
To make the eyes, use some­thing sharp to skewer the large poly­styrene balls, so that you can eas­ily insert the bal­loon sticks. Paint the cat’s pupils as shown.

DIY Cat Clock Costume

Step 7
To keep the mask firm, paste a piece of white card­board onto the back of the Pellon.

When the eyes are com­pletely dry, use Duct tape to fix the eyes onto the back of the mask as shown. Then cover the card­board with the sec­ond piece of Pel­lon. Kids should be able to slowly spin the straws to move the cat’s eyes!

DIY Cat Clock Costume

Step 8
To make the nose, cut the small poly­styrene ball in half, paint it black, let it dry, and paste it in place.

How to Make the Dress

To make the dress I used syn­thetic vel­vet cloth because it is a fab­ric that does not require many seams.

DIY Cat Clock Costume

Step 1
Fold the fab­ric in half. Refer to the above guide and mark the fol­low­ing: mea­sur­ing ver­ti­cally from the top, mark 2 cm for neck and 55 cm for the length of dress. Mea­sur­ing hor­i­zon­tally from the top, mark 10 cm for the neck, add 6 cm for the shoul­der, and close the neck using a French curve ruler. From the 6 cm point mark for the shoul­der, mea­sure ver­ti­cally from the top to 3 cm to make the shoul­der slope; join this point to the 10 cm mark on the neck. From the 6 cm shoul­der point, mea­sure ver­ti­cally to 20 cm. (This will be the bot­tom of the arm­hole.) Mea­sure 12 cm across as shown and close with French curve ruler to form the armhole.

Step 2
From the 55 cm point at the bot­tom, mea­sure 18 cm across and join that point to the arm­hole. Add a 1-cm seam allowance to the pat­tern. Place the pat­tern with the fab­ric folded to make two pieces (front and back).

Step 3
Sew the shoul­ders and sides.

DIY Cat Clock Costume

How to Make the Numbers

Place the Pel­lon on top of the num­bers tem­plate, trace, then cut out the num­bers. Make an oval for the clock. Glue every­thing onto the dress.

DIY Cat Clock Costume

How to Make the Tail

Step 1
Using any type of black fab­ric, fold the fab­ric and draw a tail that mea­sures 8 cm wide by 30 cm high. Sew around the dot­ted line, leav­ing the top open, then fill with poly­ester filling.

Step 2
Sew the tail onto the back of the dress.

DIY Cat Clock Costume

There you have it—one cool cat! Happy Halloween!

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  • Kol­lab­ora

    This is too cute! Great idea.

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    The best cos­tume EVER!!!!!

  • Ursula

    And I think I found Hal­loween cos­tumes for my 4 and 5 year olds ;)
    Great tuto­r­ial, thank you ;)

  • Coco Cake Land

    THIS IS THE COOLEST COSTUME EVER! oh my good­ness. i absolutely love it! it is so cute and clever and funny! xo

  • tara

    OMG love it! You think I could pull it off? I’m 27.….:)

  • Mis­ako Mimoko Eva

    Eri, LOVE IT!! :D

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    Won­der­ful! So orig­i­nal! I want it!!!