DIY Chore Board

DIY Chore Chart

No mat­ter who you are—working par­ent with tod­dler, stay-at-home par­ent with school-aged kiddos—let’s face it, you have stuff to do! Luck­ily when it comes to get­ting help with house­hold chores, the ben­e­fits go beyond get­ting the work done. Many an arti­cle has been pub­lished in the last few years talk­ing about how chil­dren who are entrusted with chores are more car­ing and grounded.

DIY Chore Board

So, inspired by our own house­hold work­load and a handy Do-It-Herself Work­shop over at Home Depot, we designed this easy-to-make DIY Chore Board to pro­vide your fam­ily with team spirit and moti­va­tion to tackle reg­u­lar house­hold chores with gusto—and it looks great too!

DIY Chore Board

With thought­ful plan­ning (enter our easy-to-make Chore Board tuto­r­ial) and con­sid­er­a­tion, chores can be not only edu­ca­tional but also fun. Turn on some music, assign mean­ing­ful work, and watch a fam­ily col­lab­o­ra­tion thrive and a house become ordered.

DIY Chore Board

With only a few tools and mate­ri­als, eas­ily gath­ered from a quick trip to your local Home Depot, here’s how you can make your own Chore Board in no time at all!

What You Need

  • 2  x 4–foot sheet of ply­wood (they’ll cut it for you at your local Home Depot)
  • (2) 2-inch sec­tions from a wood dowel, 2 inches in diameter
  • Chalk­board paint
  • Envelopes (we sewed our own using scrap fabric)
  • 2-inch-x-2-foot strip of wood (for chalk rail)
  • 1/4 inch 10 x 2–inch dowel screws
  • Chalk
  •  2–1/8-inch hole saw
  • Drill

Step 1
Start­ing 2 inches from the top cor­ners of the sheet of ply­wood, drill a hole on either side using the 2–1/8-in. hole saw. This will allow you to hang the Chore Board from the dowels.

Step 2
Paint half of the Chore Board with chalk­board paint. Next, attach the wooden chalk rail by nail­ing it from the back.

Step 3
Attach your envelopes on the other side of the Chore Board. This is where your child will “draw” their chores then stick them to the chart for added inter­ac­tiv­ity and fun. We made our envelopes using scrap fab­ric. We also added a large rub­ber band in the cen­ter of the board for stor­ing com­pleted chores and other notes.

Step 4
Insert the dowel screws into the dowel sec­tions and place them on the wall where you’d like to dis­play your Chore Board. Hang up your Chore Board and get the kids to work!

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