DIY Holiday Mouse Gift Wrap

DIY Holiday Mouse Gift Wrap

This DIY Hol­i­day Mouse Gift Wrap can be eas­ily made in a mat­ter of min­utes. Make an entire fam­ily of mice to put under the tree and watch children’s faces light up when you ask them who stole the cheese!

We Believe In Miracles

This year, one mil­lion chil­dren will be hos­pi­tal­ized dur­ing the hol­i­day sea­son. I have five lit­tle ones of my own and when they get sick it stinks. The bills start stack­ing up and your life basi­cally stops—it’s extremely over­whelm­ing. Here’s your chance to help those in need this hol­i­day season!

Children’s Mir­a­cle Net­work Hos­pi­tals raise funds for 172 hos­pi­tals in North Amer­ica. Every minute, 62 chil­dren enter a CMN Hos­pi­tal. We are ask­ing all of our read­ers who are able to donate $5 to this very impor­tant fundrais­ing cam­paign, which will go to a child hos­pi­tal­ized dur­ing the hol­i­day sea­son. As a par­ent, I know first­hand about the strength one feels when oth­ers reach out to help you carry on when things seem impossible.

This past year was pretty tough. I lost my father to can­cer and my sweet sugar Char­lotte was hos­pi­tal­ized with a severe kid­ney infec­tion. Her kid­neys were fail­ing and her tiny 6 year old body couldn’t seem to reg­u­late her tem­per­a­ture. I felt so help­less! She was sick for months and no one could fig­ure out what was going on. After sev­eral months spent in and out of the hos­pi­tal and sev­eral rounds of antibi­otics, thank­fully she recov­ered. I spent sev­eral nights in a CMN Hos­pi­tal and kept think­ing about how lucky we were to have that kind of care avail­able to us.

Char­lotte received lots of lovely mes­sages and lit­tle gifts while she was in the hos­pi­tal —like any kid, they def­i­nitely perked her up! I was going bananas, so I turned to craft­ing as a release. I thought I would share a cute, hospital-friendly craft that will hope­fully put a big smile on a lit­tle face that might be in the hos­pi­tal this hol­i­day season.

DIY Hol­i­day Mouse Gift Wrap Tutorial

DIY Holiday Mouse Gift Wrap

What You Need

  • Small square box
  • White or gray paper for the body of the mouse
  • Pink paper for the nose and ears
  • Black marker
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scis­sors


  1. First, cut two teardrop shapes from the gray paper and two smaller teardrop shapes from the pink paper. Glue the pink teardrops inside of the gray teardrops.
  2. Wrap the box in your choice of gray or white paper (or any color of your choice). Next, flip the wrapped box to where you folded down the paper. You will be look­ing at two folded-over tri­an­gles. Cut a pink tri­an­gle and attach to the folded –over tri­an­gles to make the nose.
  3. Pinch the ears and attach to the top cor­ners of the box using double-sided tape (or a hot glue gun, if you can).
  4. Cut a 4-inch strip of paper and attach to the back of the box for the tail.
  5. Using your black marker, make two small cir­cles for eyes and three lines on each side of the nose for the whiskers. Your mouse is all ready to party all Christ­mas long!
DIY Holiday Mouse Gift Wrap

Have the best hol­i­day sea­son ever and join us if you are able by donat­ing $5 to the Children’s Mir­a­cle Net­work Hos­pi­tals!

This post is brought to you by Children’s Mir­a­cle Net­work Hos­pi­tals. Donate $5 and give a mir­a­cle to a child in the hos­pi­tal this Christmas.