DIY Concrete Egg Bunkers

DIY Concrete Egg Bunker

Break­fast can be a haz­ardous affair when you’ve got kids. These DIY Con­crete Egg Bunkers from our newest con­trib­u­tor Sibylle of Funky­time will keep the eggs safe and sound until the kids are ready to gob­ble them up. Enjoy!

Con­crete seems to be the new mate­r­ial of choice in the craft world. Here’s a great lit­tle project to make your very own fun & funky con­crete egg bunkers. All you need is some con­crete mix and a lit­tle card­board box. And if that doesnt tickle your funky, just use them as tea light can­dle holders!

DIY Concrete Egg Bunker


  • Con­crete mix (avail­able at your local hard­ware store)
  • An egg
  • Small card­board (for mold)
  • Veg­etable oil (to remove egg from mold)
  • Plas­tic wrap
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint­brush


DIY Concrete Egg Bunker


  1. Cover the small card­board box with plas­tic wrap to use as a square mold. A sil­i­cone mold will work as well, just make sure to coat the inside with oil before adding concrete.
  2. Mix the con­crete and pour it into your mold. Do not fill all the way to the top, as this will cause the con­crete to over­flow when you push in the egg. Shake the mold to get rid of any air bub­bles and to level the sur­face of the concrete.
  3. Oil the bot­tom of the egg and press it into the cen­ter of the con­crete. Place the mold on a flat sur­face and leave to set, which will take about 24 hours.
  4. After the con­crete has time to set, care­fully remove the holder from the mold and remove the egg. If you can’t remove the egg eas­ily, break it. It might be a lit­tle messy, but you’ll end up with a per­fect round shape for your egg:-)
DIY Concrete Egg Bunker

You can either paint the con­crete or leave it as is. I used acrylic flu­o­res­cent paint, paint­ing only one side to give it a pop of color.

DIY Concrete Egg Bunker DIY Concrete Egg Bunker

Happy craft­ing!

  • Alex @ northstory

    I had to com­ment b/c I hon­estly think this is so up my alley of craft­ing inter­est and it’s great how you can cus­tomize it for your own kitchen. It’s a very neat idea!

  • Molly Yeh

    whooaaaaaa a friend just posted this on my wall because i am OBSESSED with eggs and the whole of my face­book feed knows it :-O this is amaz­ing. i need to get my craft­ing pants on.

  • Bliss Fos­ter

    This would work awe­some in my kitchen. We have a very mod­ernistic, sim­ple look­ing aes­thetic: lots of con­crete, clean lines and flat col­ors. This would work per­fectly. Thanks so much for posting!

  • Bliss Fos­ter

    Air-drying clay should work. I can’t say I’ve done it myself, but I don’t see why not.

  • spoon sto­ries

    just awe­some^^ I ll try ti fix it with clay!!
    Thank you so much

  • Hand­made Charlotte

    Let us know how they turn out!

  • spoon sto­ries


  • fenouil

    Thanks for post­ing this tuto­r­ial, I tried this after­non and it worked perfectly :)