DIY Constellation Flashlight

DIY Constellation Flashlight - explore the night sky indoors!

Now that the days are get­ting shorter and the nights are get­ting longer, we’re look­ing for more ways to keep our lit­tle guy occu­pied after the sun goes down. Enter, the flash­light! We love mak­ing shadow pup­pets, but I was hop­ing to branch out from that. Since my son has been show­ing lots of inter­est in space lately, I thought some con­stel­la­tions would be perfect!

DIY Constellation Flashlight Discs

What You Need

  • Black paper or card stock
  • Scis­sors
  • Flash­light
  • Awl or needle
  • Pen­cil
  • Black spray paint (optional)
DIY Constellation Flashlight Discs

Step 1
First off, to make sure the discs work you’ll need to remove or paint over (with the spray paint) the sil­ver shiny part on the inside of the flash­light. Trust me, this works.

DIY Constellation Flashlight Discs

Step 2
While you are wait­ing for the paint to dry, if you painted it that is, take the top part of the flash­light and trace the part you want the discs to fit on top of onto the black card stock.

DIY Constellation Flashlight Discs

Step 3
This might be the trick­i­est part! Take the scis­sors and care­fully cut as close to the trac­ings as you can. The closer you are the bet­ter they will fit! Trust me.

DIY Constellation Flashlight Discs

Step 4
Now comes the really fun part. Pick your favorite con­stel­la­tions and mark the dots onto the card stock cir­cles. I sug­gest pick­ing ones that have fun sto­ries to match to keep the lit­tle ones entertained.

DIY Constellation Flashlight Discs

Step 5
Take your awl or nee­dle and poke the holes through the marked dots. See? Super easy.

DIY Constellation Flashlight Discs

Step 6
Assem­ble your new flash­light, throw on the discs, and have fun!

DIY Constellation Flashlight Discs

Ta-da! Hours of prac­ti­cally instant fun:)

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  • Cather­ine

    My son loves space so I am doing this tonight! Thanks!

  • Danielle

    So good!

  • onel

    Easy and cute project! If we use the same tech­nique for the lamp shade, it would make a beat­i­ful bed lamp :)

  • Coco Cake Land

    i’m in love! how fun!!

  • Kersey

    Using a lamp is a bril­liant idea!

  • Andrea

    hello! I love this post and I incoor­po­rated it in a list on my blog check it out here!