Store All Of Your Kid’s Crafts For Under $50

DIY Craft Station for Kids

I’m cur­rently in the process of set­ting up a new craft stu­dio to cor­ral all of the projects that have slowly begun to take over our house. The inten­tion was to cre­ate a space for “mommy’s projects,” but it quickly caught the inter­est of my lit­tle ones. What could be cooler than a room filled with art supplies?

It quickly became clear that keep­ing the kids out of mommy’s craft sup­plies would require set­ting them up with a few of their own. I decided to set up a space for the kids in the stu­dio and then headed off to the the start­ing point for all projects of this nature, Home Depot.

DIY Craft Station for Kids

Cruis­ing the aisles of Home Depot has been a bit of an obses­sion for me lately. It’s filled with end­less pos­si­bil­i­ties! I was able to pull together a few basic mate­ri­als to put together an inex­pen­sive  craft sta­tion / stor­age area that quickly earned approval from the kids–even my fickle thir­teen year old wanted one for her room:)

The desk works well as a stand­ing work­bench or can be used with just about any stool or chair. The five gal­lon Home Depot “Homer” bucket is inex­pen­sive and makes an ideal stool for a child work­ing at the desk. It also serves dou­ble duty by pro­vid­ing plenty of room inside for stor­ing craft supplies.

Here’s a basic shop­ping list and instruc­tions for the craft sta­tion if you’d like to build one of your own, as well as instruc­tions for build­ing a sim­ple craft stor­age cubby using PVC pipe. Every­thing you need can be found at your local Home Depot store.


Kid’s Craft Station
DIY Craft Station for Kids


  • 3/16 in. x 24 in. x 48 in. Per­fo­rated Peg­board Panel
  • 38 in. Adjustable Fold­ing Sawhorse
  • 1/2 in. x 2 ft. x 4 ft. MDF Panel
  • (8) #12 x 1–1/4 in. Flat-Head Wood Screws
  • (4) Peg­board Mount­ing Spacers
  • 3pc Peg­board Wire Bas­ket Pack (optional)
  • 43pc Peg­board Orga­nizer Kit (optional)
  • 5-Gal. Homer Bucket & Lid (optional)

Putting It Together
Attach the MDF panel to the adjustable sawhorse with wood screws. Place the desk against the wall in the desired loca­tion, first locat­ing the wall studs for mount­ing the peg­board. Mount the peg­board to the wall using wood screws. Don’t for­get to use spac­ers with the mount­ing screws to allow room for mount­ing accessories.


PVC Craft Stor­age Cubbies
PVC Craft Storage Cubbies


  • Five 3-inch PVC DWV Couplings
  • Arrow Fas­tener Mini Glue Gun (an inex­pen­sive option if you don’t already own a glue gun)

Putting It Together
Decide on the lay­out for your cub­bies, heat up your gun and glue them together. It doesn’t get much sim­pler than that!

Let me know how every­thing turns out if you decide to give either of the projects a go!

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