DIY Printable Cuckoo Clock

DIY Printable Cuckoo Clock

You are about to become a clock star with this super fun DIY Cuckoo Clock tuto­r­ial com­plete with down­load­able template!

DIY Cuckoo Clock

What You Need

  • Cuckoo Clock print­able tem­plate (down­load here)
  • Quartz Clock Move­ment Kit and AA bat­tery for 1/4″ clock sur­faces. (This is avail­able at your local craft and hobby store, like Michaels, and is about $8.
  • Chip­board
  • String
  • Scis­sors
  • X-Acto blade
  • Glue
  • Tape

DIY Cuckoo Clock

Step 1
Print out the Cuckoo Clock on the thick­est paper your printer can accom­mo­date and glue it to the chip­board. Reg­u­lar copy paper is fine but it looks even fancier if you print it on card stock or water­color paper.

Step 2
Cut out the clock and pen­du­lum leav­ing a 1/4″ white bor­der around the edges.

Step 3
Using your X-Acto blade, cut a hole for the clock move­ment indi­cated by the dot in the mid­dle of the clock face on the print­able. It’s eas­ier if you cut a small round hole with an X-Acto blade and then use some­thing like a pen­cil to twist and enlarge the hole in a uni­form fashion.

DIY Cuckoo Clock

Step 4
Add the clock move­ment. Push the clock move­ment up from the back of the clock. Assem­ble the clock hands onto your kit as directed by the man­u­fac­turer. For most kits, you will tighten it to your clock face with a washer and nut first; then add the hour hand; next the minute hand, fol­lowed by a super small washer; and finally the sec­ond hand.

Step 5
Power it up! Add the AA bat­tery to the clock move­ment. You’ll notice that the clock move­ment comes with a hanger for attach­ing to a nail on the wall. Super simple.

Step 6
Attach the pen­du­lum to the bot­tom of the clock with a piece of string about 4″ long.

DIY Cuckoo Clock

Done! Set the cor­rect time by turn­ing the small dial on the back of the clock kit. Yay you! You just made a clock. What time is it?

  • Savanah

    Best DIY of my life.

  • thes­mal­lob­ject


  • La Home­made Box

    Great DIY, i really like it!
    Hope i could find this type of clock in France!

  • Liantasse

    This is beau­ti­ful, thank you so much! <3

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