Make A Framed Gallery For Your Child’s Art

DIY Dry Erase Framed Gallery

Give your kids a chance to express their artis­tic cre­ativ­ity over and over again! Cre­ate this sim­ple framed gallery wall and your lit­tle one will be able to cre­ate, erase, and recre­ate mag­nif­i­cent works of art, right on the liv­ing room wall. Now this is the kind of draw­ing on walls that I can approve!

DIY Dry Erase Framed Gallery DIY Dry Erase Framed Gallery


  • Con­tact paper: 1 roll of white and another roll of wood grain con­tact paper of your choice (or col­ored, pat­terned, etc.). I found both of my con­tact paper styles at my local Dol­lar Tree. Feel free to mix it up and have fun with it!
  • Util­ity knife
  • Ruler
  • Cut­ting mat
  • Dry erase marker
DIY Dry Erase Framed Gallery DIY Dry Erase Framed Gallery

Cre­at­ing the Frames
Cre­at­ing these con­tact paper frames is a sim­ple process. Sim­ply cut out a square or rec­tan­gu­lar shape in any size you like (or get cre­ative mak­ing ovals, dec­o­ra­tive frame shapes, and more!). Now flip the frame shape over and, using a ruler, decide how thick you want your frame to be. Draw where you plan to cut with a marker. Next, use your util­ity knife to cut out the cen­ter of the frame. Finally, cut a sheet of white con­tact paper slightly smaller than the size of the frame that you just made.

DIY Dry Erase Framed Gallery

Cre­at­ing A Gallery of Art
Now that your gallery wall is ready to go, just pull out a dry erase marker or two and let your child go at it! You’ll love see­ing what they come up with. I chose to stick with a sim­ple black marker, but you can intro­duce a vari­ety of col­ors if you like. And when you want to erase, sim­ply take a damp cloth and wipe away. I’ve found that it also helps to have dry erase cleaner to get all of the marks off of your frames.

DIY Dry Erase Framed Gallery

I per­son­ally love the idea of cre­at­ing a space that is seam­less with the design of your home, mak­ing it visu­ally appeal­ing for you but cre­ative and fun for the kids as well. They’ll love feel­ing included and being able to con­tribute to the fam­ily space. And your lit­tle Picasso will love the con­tin­ual chance to develop their draw­ing skills!

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  • Melissa Kojima

    Really inge­nious! I love it. How fun to be able to draw on the walls, over and over again. I’ll tweet this one!


    How cool. I’ll be doing this with my kids.

  • hand­made charlotte

    Let me know how it turns out!

  • Laura Olson

    What a won­der­ful idea. My Sun­day school kids are going to love this.