DIY Spooky Duct Tape Treat Bags

DIY Spooky Duct Tape Treat Bags for Halloween

I made these for a Hal­loween lunch for my son and a few of his lit­tle friends. They were a huge hit! I would ven­ture to say, they loved the bags even more than the treats inside. Ok, maybe not quite that much, but you get the idea. Really, they are sure to please. You should totally make them. Here’s how!

DIY Duct Tape Treat Bags DIY Duct Tape Treat Bags

What You Need

  • Black duct tape
  • White and orange paper bags
  • X-ACTO knife
  • Cut­ting mat
DIY Duct Tape Treat Bags

Step 1
First, you’ll need to make the faces. Lay a strip of duct tape down on the cut­ting mat. You will prob­a­bly only need one strip of tape per bag. Grab your handy X-ACTO knife and cut out the eyes and mouths. The great part about these bags is they don’t have to be per­fect! In fact, I love them lopsided!

DIY Duct Tape Treat Bags

Step 2
Once you’re done cut­ting, care­fully pull up the edges of the tape to reveal your cut out shapes! Every now and then you’ll find a small piece of tape that didn’t quite get cut all the way through. No prob­lem! Just cut those off.

DIY Duct Tape Treat Bags

Step 3
Now just pull up the cut out shapes, posi­tion and stick them on the bags. And you’re done! That was easy, wasn’t it?

DIY Duct Tape Treat Bags

Grab your favorite Hal­loween treats and fill them up!