Sweet Easter Treats

Chocolate Covered Carrot Strawberries for Easter

Easter Car­rots Choco­late Cov­ered Straw­ber­ries
Even your lit­tle ones can help make these super cute and easy-to-make Easter treats. The ones pic­tured above are from Harry & David, but you can find a recipe for mak­ing your own here.

Bird's Nest Macaroons for Easter

Bird’s Nest Mac­a­roons
Cre­ate lovely lit­tle speck­led robin’s eggs using a tooth­brush and some blue food col­or­ing, and then make a coconut mac­a­roon nest to hold them. Get the recipe and tuto­r­ial at The Faux­martha.

Glitter & Confetti Filled Easter Eggs

Glit­ter & Con­fetti Filled Easter Eggs
You can’t eat them, but these DIY Easter eggs from Gri­ottes are super sweet all the same. It’s con­sid­ered to be good luck when you break the glit­ter and con­fetti filled eggs–known as cascarones–over someone’s head.

Update: You can also find a tuto­r­ial for this con­fetti egg game–with a fun twist–over at Oh Happy Day.

Rich Chocolate Cake with Truffle-Egg Nest

Rich Choco­late Cake with Truffle-Egg Nest
Truf­fle eggs tinted robin’s egg blue and tucked inside nests of milk choco­late shav­ings atop a gor­geous choco­late cake… need I say more? Visit Martha Stew­art for the recipe.

Baby Carrots Planted in Hummus with Roasted Garlic Recipe

Baby Car­rots Planted in Hum­mus with Roasted Gar­lic
How fun are these baby car­rots with pars­ley leaves dipped in mini planters filled with hum­mus? Head over to La Rec­eta de la Feli­ci­dad for the recipe.