DIY Edible Gem Cookie Necklace

DIY Gem Cookie Necklace for Kids

If dia­monds are a girl’s best friend, what could be a more per­fect treat than a dia­mond cookie? These edi­ble gem neck­laces are sim­ple to make using your favorite sugar cookie recipe and sure to be a hit wher­ever you take them.

Dec­o­rat­ing sugar cook­ies with royal icing isn’t all that dif­fi­cult, but it does take a lit­tle plan­ning. Make sure to take the time to prop­erly chill your dough before bak­ing. After icing your cook­ies, the icing will need to set for about 12 hours before you can write on it with the edi­ble pen. I usu­ally make my cook­ies 2–3 days in advance and let the process unfold nat­u­rally from there.


  • Print­able tem­plate (down­load here). Print the tem­plate on card stock and cut out the dia­mond. This will be used as your makeshift cookie cutter.
  • 1 batch chilled cookie dough
  • Util­ity knife (with a clean blade)
  • 1 Straw to make a hole for the necklace
  • Royal icing (if you’re unfa­mil­iar with royal icing, there’s a great video tuto­r­ial / recipe here)
  • 12-inches cord or twine for each necklace
  • Edi­ble writ­ing pen (this can be found in the bak­ing sec­tion of your local craft store)
DIY Edible Gem Cookie Necklace for Kids

Step 1: Roll The Dough
Mix a batch of cookie dough using your favorite sugar cookie recipe and let it chill for at least four hours. Chill­ing the dough ensures a better-shaped cookie. After chill­ing, roll out your dough until it is roughly 3/8-inch thick.

Edible Gem Cookie Necklace for Kids

Step 2: Cut The Dia­monds
Using the print­able Gem Cookie Tem­plate (down­load here), cut around the sten­cil with your util­ity knife. For cleaner lines, lift the blade after cut­ting each side.

DIY Edible Gem Cookie Necklace

Step 3: Make A Hole For The Neck­lace
Using the straw, make a hole at the top cen­ter of each cookie.

Edible Gem Cookie Necklace for Kids

Step 4: Bake The Cook­ies
Bake the cook­ies until they are just begin­ning to brown on the bot­tom. Under-baked cook­ies don’t make good necklaces!

Edible Gem Cookie Necklace for Kids DIY Edible Gem Cookie Necklace

Step 5: Dec­o­rate The Cook­ies
Ice the cook­ies with royal icing and let them sit for at least twelve hours. Next, use the edi­ble writ­ing pen to draw an out­line of the gem on the iced cookie, fol­lowed by an oblong octa­gon. Using the Gem Cookie Tem­plate as your guide, con­nect the octa­gon to the edges of your cookie.

DIY Gem Cookie Necklace

Step 6: Make The Neck­lace
Let the edi­ble ink dry and then string each cookie on a strand of cord, yarn, or twine. Bask in the praise of your friends!

DIY Gem Cookie Necklace

The cook­ies should keep for up to seven days in an air­tight con­tainer. If you stack the cook­ies, be sure to sep­a­rate each layer with parch­ment paper. Happy baking!

DIY Gem Cookie Necklace

Project by Ali­son Faulkner for Hand­made Char­lotte, pho­tos by Heather Milden­stein.

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    These would be a really cute party favor for a lit­tle girls birth­day party!