DIY Embroidered Travel Pillow

DIY Embroidered Travel PIllow

Relax or travel in com­fort with this super cute neck pil­low! You can make it in any size using any fab­ric, per­fectly fit­ted to everybody—kids or grown-ups—by sim­ply adjust­ing the template.

DIY Embroidered Travel PIllow

You can also turn it into a scented neck pil­low by fill­ing it with rice and adding some herbs or spices. Scented or not, it can be a lovely gift!

A quick word of warn­ing: this bunny causes extreme com­fort and lulls to sleep!

DIY Embroidered Travel PIllow

What You Need

  • Print­able tem­plate (down­load here)
  • Soft fab­ric (fleece, flan­nel or soft knit)
  • Wool and a large-eyed needle
  • Poly­fill or batting
  • Red felt
  • Pins
  • Thread and sewing needle
  • Scis­sors
  • Wash­able pen
  • Sewing machine
DIY Embroidered Travel PIllow

Step 1
Down­load, print, and cut out the tem­plate. Fit the pil­low tem­plate around your neck to test the fit, then make adjust­ments to the size or shape if necessary.

Fold your fab­ric in half with the right sides together. Lay the tem­plate on the fab­ric and mark the pil­low and legs shapes. Pin the pieces together. Cut out a 1-inch from the red felt  and reserve it for later.

Note: I started embroi­der­ing once I had the pil­low sewn, but you can trans­fer the design and start embroi­der­ing on the fab­ric first, and then sew the embroi­dered pieces together. Just choose the way you feel more comfortable!

DIY Embroidered Travel PIllow

Step 2
Stitch around the pil­low with a 1/2 inch seam. Leave a three-inch open­ing at the inside-middle. Sew the two legs. Trim all the seams to 1/4 inch and clip all curves. Turn the pil­low and legs right side out.

DIY Embroidered Travel PIllow

Step 3
Mark the hor­i­zon­tal cen­ter of the pil­low to dis­trib­ute all the stitches or trans­fer the embroi­dery design.

After draw­ing the bunny face, tie a knot at the end of the red yarn and pass the threaded nee­dle through the open­ing of the pil­low. Back stitch the ears, add few straight stitches for the eyes, and mark its nose with a cross-stitch. Tie a knot on the inside of the pil­low as you fin­ish each part of the embroidery.

Note: If you feel lost, take a look at this sim­ple guide to embroi­dery!

DIY Embroidered Travel PIllow

Step 4
Sew pink upright cross-stitches fol­low­ing the shape of the curve. Don’t pull the stitches too tight; let them be fluffy.

Add detached chain stitches, or straight stitches if you pre­fer, fol­low­ing the pil­low curve. I switched to a mustard-colored yarn to back stitch the last three lines near the pil­lows end and stitched them all the way around.

Cross stitch the bunny tail.

DIY Embroidered Travel PIllow

Step 5
Stuff the pil­low with as much bat­ting as you can, fill­ing from both ends. Then stitch to close up the open­ing. (I used the red yarn.)

Stuff the legs and close with a run­ning stitch all around the open­ing, pulling and tying the ends of the thread.

Push the excess fab­ric inside using scissors.

DIY Embroidered Travel PIllow

Step 6
Pin the two legs in place. Sew them to the pil­low with invis­i­ble stitches. Now embroi­der the yel­low paws adding a few straight stitches at the bot­tom of each leg. Glue the red felt nose to fin­ish the bunny face.

DIY Embroidered Travel PIllow

Fit it to the neck and relax! Happy crafting!