7 Ways To Turn Your Fall Leaf Collection Into Art

DIY Leaf art by Sabine Timm

Have the leaves started chang­ing color in your neigh­bor­hood yet? It feels like any day now I’ll look out the win­dow and the green will be gone—it always seems to sneak up on us. But I’ve found if I have some­thing planned for those beau­ti­ful leaves, I’m more aware of the time passing.

Even sim­ply pick­ing the best leaves and press­ing them in a book is fun; I’m always stum­bling upon them a year later and rem­i­nisc­ing. But I have to admit, these DIY’s—all using real leaves—showcase some sur­pris­ing alternatives!

DIY Leaf Confetti

DIY Leaf Confetti

This is such a sim­ple yet bril­liant idea: get out your favorite paper punches and make your own con­fetti! I’d love to punch a batch with my daugh­ter and use them to cre­ate col­lages together. Via Grow Cre­ative.

Leaf Ani­mals

DIY Leaf Crafts for Kids

Here’s another sim­ple but inno­v­a­tive twist on leaf art: These images remind me of find­ing ani­mals in the clouds. Every­thing resem­bles some­thing else if you look hard enough! Via kokokoKIDS.

DIY Painted Leaf Creatures

DIY Painted Leaf Art

And here’s another ver­sion of anthro­po­mor­phized leaves. I just love the googly-eyed expres­sions on these lit­tle crea­tures. Via Katja Ensel­ing.

Wax-Dipped Hang­ing Leaves

DIY Wax-Dipped Hanging Leaves (via martha stewart)

Martha does it again! This is such a per­fect way to dis­play the count­less leaves your kids find and have to keep “for­ever.” Sim­ply press them and dis­play! Via Martha Stew­art.

DIY Painted Leaves

DIY Painted Leaves

Here’s a fun alter­na­tive when you’re sick of paint­ing on paper. Paint leaves! The shapes pro­vide count­less ideas to spark your imag­i­na­tion. Via My Owl Barn.

Fall Leaf Prints

DIY Fall Leaf Prints

Leaf prints are a clas­sic art activ­ity. I love the bright col­ors com­bined with the famil­iar shapes of fall leaves. This craft is so great for kids. Via Nat­u­rally Edu­ca­tional.

Pic­tured at the top of this post: Leaf art by Sabine Timm, via The Jour­nals of Giddy Giddy