DIY Felt Lemon Notebook

DIY Felt Lemon Notebook

Make your own fruit-shaped notebook using supplies that cost only pennies! Use a yellow paper folder, a sheet of felt, and lined paper to craft a custom lemon notebook to jot down all your ideas, to do lists, and dreams! There’s even a little pocket on the inside, so your small treasures will be safe too. ;)

DIY Felt Lemon Notebook

Here’s an idea: buy a multi-pack of colorful paper folders and craft a whole fruit bowl of folders! Strawberries, kiwis, and apples would all be super fun, don’t you think? And don’t forget the veggies: eggplants, carrots, and beets would be great options too!

DIY Felt Lemon Notebook

What you need

DIY Felt Lemon Notebook


Step 1
Draw the outline of a lemon onto the front of your yellow folder. Make sure that the side of the lemon is directly on the left fold of the folder. Cut the lemon out, holding all the layers together as you go.

Step 2
For this notebook, we put a pocket on one side and a notepad on the other. To make the pocket side, glue the pocket that you just cut through in place along the edge of the lemon. To make the white seeds, cut three teardrop shapes from the leftover folder scraps and glue them onto the pocket, white side up.

Step 3
To make the notepad side, trace the lemon folder shape onto striped paper and cut out. Layer the cut papers together and attach to the folder with a small amount of glue along the top.

Step 4
Cut two leaf shapes out of green felt and then glue them onto the front cover of the notebook. Let all the glue dry and your notebook is ready to use!

DIY Felt Lemon NotebookDIY Felt Lemon Notebook

Photos by Michelle Norris Photography
Shot in the Paper & Stitch studio
Crafted by Handmade Charlotte

  • Lisa

    This is so fun! I can definitely picture a whole bunch of different fruit versions.