DIY Folk Art Nature Embroidery

DIY Folk Art Nature Embroidery

Create your own ephemeral wall art and enjoy the simple beauty of nature all summer long! All you need are wild flowers and plants, fabric scraps, and lots of imagination. Simple and fun!

DIY Folk Art Nature Embroidery: What You Need


  • Wild flowers and plants (fresh or dry)
  • Fabric scraps (linen or cotton is best)
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
DIY Folk Art Nature Embroidery: Step 1

Step 1
Gather some wild flowers and plants. Choose a long, thin stem with small leaves; weave it over and under itself while working in a circle. Secure the ring by tying ends with thread or by making a knot, bending and working the stem around itself.

DIY Folk Art Nature Embroidery: Step 2

Step 2
Take a piece of fabric and fringe the outer edge using a needle or seam ripper. You’ll get a beautiful tattered look by pulling at the edges and taking some of the horizontal threads out.

DIY Folk Art Nature Embroidery: Step 3

Step 3
Thread your needle with a bright color and make a knot at the end. Lay your stem ring on the fabric and tack (or “couch”) over it with small stitches worked over the top to secure in place. Combine straight and cross stitches to get different couching styles.

DIY Folk Art Nature Embroidery: Step 4

Step 4
Once you finish couching each natural element, you can weave the thread tail at the back of the work, or if you’re in a hurry, just make a knot with the end of the thread at the back side. (It isn’t a very secure option but… this is an ephemeral DIY, right?)

DIY Folk Art Nature Embroidery: Step 5

Step 5
Follow the images to stitch bouquets of small flowers, larger flowers, or seeds.
You can create faces, landscapes, abstract compositions… whatever you like!

DIY Folk Art Nature Embroidery DIY Folk Art Nature Embroidery DIY Folk Art Nature Embroidery DIY Folk Art Nature Embroidery

Step 6
Hang your new folksy summer wall art using tape or make a garland with it!
Let summer wildness enter into your place :)

Happy crafting!

  • xfallenmoon

    This is so cute!! How long would you say it stays fresh for? Do you think using dried up plants would work better?

  • tpotts

    The “middle one” received a sewing kit as a birthday gift yesterday and began working on this project. We are so in love with it.

  • Eva Monleón

    Thank you! Happy you liked it :)
    It depends of the thickness and hardeness of the leaves, thicker ones will stay in good condition for a longer. Dried up plants it’s a good option buy be carefull of breaking them while weaving them over themselves. Hope you enjoy!

  • Eva Monleón

    Thank you! I’m really pleased your girls and you are enjoying this tutorial.
    Yes! I think that attaching nature makes embroidery become more creative and fun. Happy embroidering!!

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