Make A Gift Bag Garland Filled With Keepsakes

DIY Gift Bag Garland

What could be more lovely than a gar­land filled with lit­tle trea­sures? Kick off the week­end with this fun craft project from our lat­est con­trib­u­tor Véronique of Pichouline!

DIY Gift Bag Garland


  • Cel­lo­phane bags (avail­able from most craft and party sup­ply stores)
  • Trea­sures for the gar­land (pic­tures, sweets, what­ever you like)
  • Rib­bon
DIY Gift Bag Garland

Step 1
Before you start craft­ing, thing about the mes­sage you want to share with your gar­land. Place the trea­sures you chose inside the cel­lo­phane bags. If you don’t have cel­lo­phane bags, you can make your own using trans­par­ent film.

DIY Gift Bag Garland

Step 2
Before you seal the bags, insert the rib­bon between the clo­sure of the bags.

DIY Gift Bag Garland

Step 3
Hang your mes­sage bag gar­land on the wall.

  • Meri Cherry

    what a great idea. i will do this for sure. thank you!

  • Laura

    This is pretty cute!

  • hand­made charlotte

    Let me know how it turns out!

  • Emma Kauf­mann

    What an amaz­ing and orig­i­nal idea for a kids’ party! Thanks I will share this fab idea with my friends.

  • hand­made charlotte

    Thanks, so glad you liked it!

  • Melissa Kojima

    It’s such a lovely way to make a gar­land. I think I like it bet­ter than reg­u­lar bunting. So much more per­sonal and like a trea­sure hunt.