DIY Monster Mash-Up Rubbing Plates

DIY Monster Mash-Up Rubbing Plates

Got ghosts, pumpkins, and monsters on the brain? Your kids will have loads of Halloween fun making goofy monster mash-ups from these super easy-to-make rubbing plates!

We’ll be using fabric paint and cereal boxes to create the monster head and body rubbing plates. Mix and match different plates to create dozens of goofy looking creatures!

DIY Monster Mash-Up Rubbing Plates

What You Need

  • New bottle of fabric paint
  • Crayons
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Paper
  • Cereal box
DIY Monster Rubbing Plates

Step 1
Cut out 3 x 5 1/2″ rectangles out of your cereal box. Draw a horizontal line across each rectangle about 2 1/2″ down. Mark dashes at the 1″ and 3″ points on the horizontal line.


Step 2
Put on your creative cap because it’s time to draw some monsters! First draw them with a pen (or pencil). When sketching out your monsters, try to keep these things in mind:

  • Keep the head inside the smaller, top rectangle and the body inside the larger, bottom rectangle.
  • Remember those dashes we marked at 1″ and 3″? Those markers note where each monster’s neck should be. They ensure that all the heads and bodies will line up properly.
  • Keep your designs relatively simple so that you’ll get clean results with the fabric paint.

Once you’re satisfied with your monsters, carefully trace your drawings with fabric

DIY Monster Rubbing Plates

Step 3
After the paint dries, cut your monster rubbing cards in half along the horizontal line.

DIY Monster Rubbing Plates

Step 4
Now we can create some funny looking monsters! Mix and match different heads and bodies. Tape down a head and body card to the table. Place a piece of paper over them. Remove the wrapping off of a crayon, and rub it (on its side) over the head and body cards.

DIY Monster Rubbing Plates

Step 5
That’s it!  Now you can color in your goofy monster outlines.

Hope you have fun making dozens and dozens of funny looking creatures!

  • Little Auggie

    I love these!

  • Lisa Van Engen

    Adorable!! I love them!

  • Chrystal Lewis

    These are great! I would have never thought to make these myself. My boys are going to love them :)

  • Jeanine H

    Excellent!! Been a long time since ive seen rubbing paper craft like this–since I was a kid! Great that its home made!