10 DIY Cardboard & Paper Masks for Halloween

DIY Paper Mask

These 10 super cre­ative paper mask ideas are sure to spark your imag­i­na­tion this Halloween!

With Hal­loween right around the cor­ner, I really need to start think­ing about my kids cos­tumes. Do you go all out and hand make your own? Or per­haps you like to just buy your Hal­loween cos­tumes? We usu­ally like to mix it up. I thought I would share some paper and card­board masks that have inspired me lately—some even have tuto­ri­als. Hon­estly, my kids like to dress up all the time, so these masks would make a great addi­tion to our dress up box or even on the wall as dec­o­ra­tive elements.

DIY Paper Mask

DIY Paper Ani­mal Masks
via Whip Up

These are super cute, super fun ani­mal masks to make with the kids. I love how three dimen­sional these are. The fox, the rab­bit, or the dragon? I’m hav­ing a hard time choos­ing my favorite. That’s ok because these are so sim­ple and easy to make I don’t need to choose just one! Fol­low the instruc­tions over at Whip Up.

DIY Paper Mask

Print­able Lucha Libre Masks
via Happy Thought

These Lucha Libre masks are free to down­load. All you need to do is print, cut, and glue, and you’re ready to wres­tle. How fun would these be with a mus­cle man body and a cape!

Paper Cutout Masks

Paper Cutout Masks
via Pine

How impres­sive and inspi­ra­tional are these paper cutout masks by Pine? I am not sure I would have the patience to piece together such intri­cate masks, but it would be pretty fun to cut up a bunch of lit­tle pieces of papers and see what the kids come up with. I am sure some inter­est­ing mask would come from it.

DIY Paper Mask

DIY Paper Card Stock Ani­mal Masks
via Spearmint Baby

These sim­ple card stock masks will keep your kids play­ing for hours. They would be great acces­sories to a bunny or lion cos­tume for Hal­loween as well. They are super sim­ple to make, and you can have your kids help too. Find the easy DIY tuto­r­ial on Spearmint Baby.

Papier Mache Masks

Papier-Mache Masks
via Elsa Dray Farges

Elsa Dray-Farges is a papier mache illus­tra­tor. Her ani­mal masks are incred­i­ble, and you might have seen them before as they have been pub­lished in many mag­a­zines. Her web­site is filled with inspi­ra­tion. These have really got me inspired to try my hands at papier-mache—maybe this is the year I’ll finally attempt it.

Cardboard Box Mask

Alice In Won­der­land Mask
via WrnK­ing

Ooh! I could spend hours look­ing through WrnKing’s flickr page. One project is cra­zier than the next. It’s so much good­ness in one place. The card­board sculp­tures, masks, and cos­tumes are breath­tak­ing. The mask pic­tured is part of a series of masks cre­ated for a school per­for­mance of Alice in Won­der­land.

DIY Kid-Made Mask

DIY Kid-Made Mask
via  on Etsy

Get your kids involved. Per­haps just a sim­ple illus­tra­tion on an over-sized head could do the trick. I think my kids would be proud to wear a mask they made all by them­selves. I love the sim­plic­ity and beauty of this mask. It would make a great rainy day activ­ity too! All you need is an old box, some crayons, and a pair of scis­sors. It doesn’t get any eas­ier. I found this image on Etsy. The mask is just a prop, but I had to share.

DIY Lion Cardboard Mask

Lion Card­board Mask
via Iglo

I love this lion mask so much. It’s part of an edi­to­r­ial shoot for a children’s com­pany called Iglo. I think I might have to fig­ure out how they did it. If I do, I promise to share it with you. Or if you do, please let me know.

DIY Animal Noses

DIY Ani­mal Noses
via Baby Jun­gle

Maybe you aren’t a mask lov­ing per­son. Then how about some ridicu­lously cute ani­mal noses? All you need is some egg car­tons and a lit­tle paint! Find the full tuto­r­ial on Baby Jun­gle. It’s so easy you’ll want to make a dozen.

I hope this got you think­ing about what to wear on hal­loween! I know what I am wear­ing. My son made me a heart mask, which you can see on my Insta­gram. We aren’t quite sure if the mask is cute or scary. I think it’s a bit of both—the mask is cute, and I am scary!

Pic­tured at the top of this post: Nido is a cool mag­a­zine and web­site. They always have lovely pho­tos, great con­tent, and lots of DIY’s. They cre­ated some super cute masks for car­ni­val, and you’ll find a few tips and tuto­ri­als on the web­site to make at least 8 dif­fer­ent types of masks. It’s in ger­man, but the instruc­tions are so sim­ple, it’s noth­ing Google trans­late can’t han­dle! That shark is seri­ously too cute.