DIY Friendly Rock Doorstop

DIY I'm A Rock Doorstop

Let’s cre­ate a cute, dec­o­ra­tive doorstop fol­low­ing this super easy craft tuto­r­ial! 
I always use doorstops in the spring and sum­mer to keep air flow­ing through the house. With­out them,  my doors slam shut when­ever there’s a gust of wind.

This smil­ing rock is the cozi­est solu­tion I’ve found for adding some fun and a touch of organic design to my home. He’ll be happy to help you hold your door open, or, if he’s placed behind the door, keep it from slam­ming into the wall.

DIY I'm A Rock Doorstop


  • Print­able tem­plate (down­load here)
  • Felted wool (or just felt)
  • Yarn nee­dle
  • Yarn
  • Scis­sors
  • Tailor’s chalk or erasable marker pen
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Poly­fill com­bined with peb­bles, beans, rice, lentils, or other heavy fill material.
DIY I'm A Rock Doorstop

Step 1
Print the tem­plate. From the felt, cut 3 pieces (9.5 x 13 inches) of the rock tem­plate shape and one piece of the han­dle shape ( 3.3 x 7.8 inches).

DIY I'm A Rock Doorstop

Step 2
On one rock-shaped piece of felt, draw eyes and a mouth on the right side of the fab­ric using an erasable marker. Embroi­der over the drawn design with yarn, using straight stitches for the eyes and back­stitches for the mouth.

DIY I'm A Rock Doorstop DIY I'm A Rock Doorstop

Step 3
Let’s get sewing!

Mark the cen­ter of the pieces. Take the embroi­dered piece and a sec­ond rock-shaped piece of felt, and place them right sides together. Stitch the two pieces together down one side, from the cen­ter of one end to the cen­ter of the other end..

Next, place the third piece in place, right side down, and pin it to the unstitched side of the embroi­dered piece. Stitch together.

Fold the han­dle piece over itself length­wise, then fold it in half the short way to make a loop. Place the loop under the third piece as shown, mak­ing sure it will be at the back seam of the rock. Pin and stitch the final seam to cre­ate a 3-piece shape, leav­ing a 3 inch open­ing near the cen­ter of the seam.

DIY I'm A Rock Doorstop DIY I'm A Rock Doorstop

Step 4
Turn your rock right side out through the open­ing. Fill with peb­bles (or any other weighted filler) until it becomes heavy enough (don’t fill it all the way!), then stuff the remain­ing space with polyfill.

Care­fully stitch the open­ing closed.

DIY I'm A Rock Doorstop

Voila! You’ve fin­ished your dec­o­ra­tive doorstop. This happy rock is ready to hold your favorite door in place.

Happy craft­ing!