DIY Kitty Bag

DIY Kitty Bag

This lovely kitty bag is easy to make and a super cute acces­sory to wear. You’ll flip out over how fast and fun is the mak­ing, no zip­pers or com­pli­cated fas­ten­ers, just a sim­ple elas­tic clo­sure to keep your gad­gets save and sound. Scale the down­load­able pat­tern to get a smaller kids size, and enjoy the ride with your new kitty friend.

DIY Kitty Bag

What You Need

  • Print­able pat­tern (down­load here)
  • Suede, or any other fab­ric. (Sturdy and thick fab­ric shape design better)
  • Cord (39.5” / 1m, it would be shorter for kids)
  • Rick Rack
  • Elas­tic trim
  • Burlap
  • Bat­ting
  • Safety pin
  • Embroi­dery floss
  • Marker for fab­ric /chalk
  • Nee­dle & pins
  • Scis­sors
  • Sewing machine (optional)

Step 1

DIY Kitty Bag

Down­load the pat­tern, scale to 180,6% , print out and trans­fer to fab­ric. Cut out two kitty shaped pieces adding a 0.3” seam.

Take one of the kitty pieces right side out; draw face and tail. Then thread your nee­dle with the whole floss and embroi­der. Use back­stitches for all the lines and straight stitches for fill­ing pupils.

Step 2

DIY Kitty Bag

Match up two fab­ric pieces right sides together. Take the cord and sand­wich inside, with its ends pok­ing out where tem­plate marks.

Sew all together in two parts: start sewing first from belly bot­tom to the top of the kit­ten back.

Now spread out the sewn piece and fold out the top of the kitty back, to cre­ate a con­tin­u­ous elas­tic cas­ing for the clo­sure of the bag. Pin and sew, leav­ing folded ends open for thread­ing the elas­tic trim.

Step 3

DIY Kitty Bag

Lay down bat­ting and then burlap, place the kitty shaped pieces on top. Align bor­ders, pin (don’t for­get to poke out the other end of the cord) and sew all together to com­plete the bag seam.

Step 4

DIY Kitty Bag

Turn your bag right sides out; you’ve almost done it!
 Attach a safety pin to one end of the elas­tic trim and thread it all along the folded cas­ing. Dis­trib­ute gath­ers, pull each side of the elas­tic and tie into a knot to fin­ish. Hide knot inside the casing.

Step 5

DIY Kitty Bag

Give your kitty a vin­tage touch with a rick rack col­lar, stitch both ends together at the back of the kitty’s neck… and voilà! That’s it :-)

DIY Kitty Bag

Enjoy your new bag!

  • Kristin

    Cute! I so want to make this. I adore the col­ors you used.

  • Mis­ako Mimoko Eva

    Thank you Kristin! Blue, red and white are always a good choice :)

  • Skirt Fix­a­tion

    We included your adorable Kitty Bag in our round up of projects to make with Red, White & Blue fab­ric! (