DIY Melted Snowman Cake

hilarious easy-to-make melted snowman cake!

Make your guests smile at your holiday party with a hilarious melted snowman cake! It’s a silly and fun cake that is truly easy to make—your kids can help out too with rolling the fondant and making the snowman’s face parts. Throw on the holiday tunes, pour yourself a big old glass of eggnog, and get baking!

I’ve seen this chuckle-inducing design on melted snowman cookies and cupcakes before but hadn’t yet seen it on a cake so I decided to give it a try. It’s covered in white fondant, which you can purchase at baking or craft superstores, or you can make your own marshmallow fondant.

What You Need

  • A baked and cooled cake of your choice, covered in buttercream or frosting. I made a 7-inch two-layer cake.
  • A 6-inch ball of white fondant
  • Cornstarch for working with fondant
  • Rolling pin
  • Food safe scissors or a paring knife
  • More fondant for the snowman’s face colored with black gel color, orange gel color
  • Wooden BBQ sticks
  • Rosemary sprigs for decor (optional)
  • A cake stand or large platter for display
hilarious easy-to-make melted snowman cake!

Step 1

Bake your cake according to recipe’s instructions. Let your cake cool completely, then frost your cake in buttercream or icing. Place your cake in the fridge or freezer to chill slightly—ten minutes.

hilarious easy-to-make melted snowman cake! hilarious easy-to-make melted snowman cake!

Step 2
Sprinkle a little bit of cornstarch on a nonstick surface to avoid stickiness and roll out your fondant ball to a ¼-inch thickness.

hilarious easy-to-make melted snowman cake!

Step 3
You want to roll a large enough piece of fondant to not only cover your cake but also for the “melted” look!

hilarious easy-to-make melted snowman cake!

Step 4
Take your cake out of the fridge or freezer. Carefully place your fondant on top of your chilled cake. Pat the fondant down lightly on the top and around the sides so it sticks to the frosting underneath. Extra fondant will be hanging over your cake board. Working quickly, you want to trim some of the excess fondant so it doesn’t tear. Using food safe scissors or a paring knife, trim the fondant where it starts to hang over the cake pedestal so the weight of the excess doesn’t tear the fondant. Note: If it does tear a little, not to worry! Simply press it back together—it’s like Play-Doh.

hilarious easy-to-make melted snowman cake!

Step 5
Make your fondant face and little hat! Color some fondant black to create two balls for the eyes, mouth, and hat. Color some fondant orange for the carrot nose and the band around the hat. I used a paring knife to mark the “carrot” with lines for texture.

hilarious easy-to-make melted snowman cake!

Step 6
Anchor your fondant eyes, nose, and hat with wooden BBQ sticks. I use them because they’re sturdier than toothpicks. Use heavy duty scissors to trim them to smaller sizes.

hilarious easy-to-make melted snowman cake!

Step 7
Place your eyes, nose, and hat into your fondant covered cake. I chose to offset the eyes and nose to create the illusion of a melted face. For the black mouth, adhere with a tiny bit of water and place on top. I used rosemary sprigs to scatter around the cake and placed one sprig on top to give it an extra wintry evergreen feel!

hilarious easy-to-make melted snowman cake!

Step 8
I also made a “Let It Snow” cake flag out of craft paper—your flag can say whatever you like! “Help me, I’m melting!” or “Frosty’s Demise” comes to mind … hee hee!

Have a blast making this Melted Snowman cake, guys! Let me know how it turns out for you. See you real soon with another post of cute cakey fun.

  • Tess @ Tips on Life and Love

    This cake may be just too cute to eat! I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  • Stacia

    My mom used to do delightful things like this for us when we were growing up (themed cakes). This is a really fun idea!

  • Coco Cake Land

    thanks so much, stacia! i love the idea of a kid growing up with the annual melted snowman cake for the holidays… :)

  • Coco Cake Land

    aww thank you, tess! ^__^

  • t.potts

    I like this a lot! It seems very forgiving, maybe even I could do well with it. I’ve so wanted one of my girls to ask for a snow themed Birthday…maybe I’ll just plan it for my own Birthday and this shall be my cake. ; )

  • Coco Cake Land

    t.potts – yes you can absolutely make this one! ^__^ it would make a great birthday cake for you! :)

  • Coco Cake Land

    hi meaghan! aww thank you – and thanks for the hilarious inspiration! ^__^

  • Coco Cake Land

    thanks so much, alice!

  • Coco Cake Land

    thank you kelly! i think it would be a hilarious hit at a holiday dessert table! :)

  • Lisa Thebearfootbaker

    I saw this on Pinterest and had to stop and tell you how cleaver and cute it is! LOVE IT!! Pinning now!

  • Coco Cake Land

    thanks so much for taking the time to check it out and comment, lisa! ^__^

  • Misako Mimoko Eva

    oooh!! this is so poetic and cute Lyndsay!! I love it so much!! <3

  • Coco Cake Land

    eva, thank you so much!! just saw your comment now… :)

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