DIY Merrymaker Stencil Dress

DIY Merrymaker Stencil Dress, free sewing pattern and tutorial

Your favorite lit­tle girl will twirl her lit­tle heart out all sum­mer long in this lovely dress! Avail­able in sizes 4 to 6, the Mer­ry­maker Sten­cil Dress is based on a vin­tage majorette dress pat­tern so cute it lit­er­ally makes you want to spin.

This sweet lit­tle dress is the first in a minis­eries of DIY party dresses we’ll be shar­ing over the next few weeks. We had a ball putting together the easy-to-use pat­terns, and we’re sure you will, too!

DIY Merrymaker Stencil Dress, free sewing pattern and tutorial


  • Print­able dress pat­tern and tuto­r­ial (down­load here)
  • Hand­made Char­lotte Pat­tern Sten­cils (avail­able here)
  • Hand­made Char­lotte Party Sten­cils (avail­able here)
  • Fab­ric & notions (down­load the print­able dress pat­tern for com­plete list)
DIY Merrymaker Stencil Dress, free sewing pattern and tutorial

This is an inter­me­di­ate sewing pat­tern that takes about a day and a half to com­plete. Sim­ply fol­low the instruc­tions in the print­able pat­tern and tuto­r­ial for sewing and stenciling.

If at any point you feel stuck, don’t fret! There are tons of great tuto­ri­als and videos out there to help you breeze through any sewing woes. That’s what the Inter­net is for, right?

We used Hand­made Char­lotte sten­cils for the con­fetti col­lar, polka dots on the bodice, and bunting around the skirt. You can pick up the sten­cils and all of the other sup­plies you’ll need to make the dress at

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    That is too cute!! Thanks Hannah!

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    I’ll now be sewing for a lit­tle girl vic­ar­i­ously through you Molly Beth!

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    Wish the pat­tern was in a 3

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    Haha Sewing for girls is so much fun!

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    This is awe­some; I love it!

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    This is so pretty. I love see­ing how every­one is using your sten­cil set! Of course, they would look great on clothes!

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    Love it — pinned it — now to make it! :)

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    Love this!!

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    Gor­geous x ‘Emmy’ made in brighton

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    Aaaah, you’re wel­come, Rachel. I hope it’s going well for you. It’s fun to help & sup­port others!

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    Thank you for this won­der­ful dress! I sew for other peo­ple all the time. But your dresses are so spe­cial I want to make for my own grand­daugh­ters!!! Thanks again!!!