DIY Mini Disco Balls

DIY Mini Disco Balls

Here’s a fun project to bring you into the New Year and brighten up your space all win­ter long. These minia­ture disco balls are a cinch to make and can be used to top cakes, line a table or even hang on the tree for a last minute addition.


  • Mini Sty­ro­foam craft­ing balls
  • Sequins
  • Hot-glue gun
DIY Mini Disco Balls

Step 1
Divide your sequins by color and begin­ning on one side start glue them on, one by one.

DIY Mini Disco Balls

Step 2
Be sure to over­lap each sequin just a bit for a full disco ball look.

DIY Mini Disco Balls

Step 3
For cake top­pers, stick a small Pop­si­cle pick into each ball, leave lay­ing around the table for a fes­tive evening at home or string together for gar­land for a fun party display.

DIY Mini Disco Balls

Happy craft­ing!

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  • melissa ahamad

    AH! super cute and sim­ple! great idea.


  • Shan­non

    Those are super cute! I’d love to make a giant ver­sion of them, not sure how to yet though!

  • Melissa Kojima

    Ooooh, disco balls! Fab idea! I’ve got a pile of craft­ing rhine­stone and may try some­thing sim­i­lar with them. I guess they wouldn’t be disco any­more, but still glit­tery and fab-u-lous!

  • Sharon D Putman

    So cute! I have a lot of sequins and rhine­stones in my stash. I will give this a try. Thanks!