DIY Beaded Christmas Tree

DIY Beaded Christmas Tree

If your tastes lean toward something more modern than the traditional Christmas tree, contributor Véronique Osorio of Pichouline has the perfect solution. Now you can bring a little Christmas cheer to the walls of your home with this lovely & minimal beaded Christmas tree. All it takes is some wire, wooden craft beads, and a few basic tools.

Gather your craft supplies and get ready for a little holiday fun!

DIY Beaded Christmas Tree


  • Wooden craft beads in various sizes
  • Steel wire
  • Wire cutter
DIY Beaded Christmas Tree

Step 1
Before you start beading, think about the pattern that you would like for your tree. Bend the wire into a triangle.

DIY Beaded Christmas Tree

Step 2
Start beading!

Note: To strengthen your tree and provide space to hang Christmas cards, ornaments, etc., attach horizontal wires to the beads as desired.

DIY Beaded Christmas Tree

Step 3
Put your new tree on the wall and decorate. That’s it!

DIY Beaded Christmas Tree

Happy crafting!

  • melissa ahamad

    Lovely! I especially adore the little baby teal beads.


  • Kara Cole

    This is beautiful! Love it for its simplicity.

  • Melissa Kojima

    I’m seeing a lot of these kinds of unique wall hanging Christmas trees this year. It’s a fun and minimal trend. I love how creative these DIY crafters are getting.

  • handmade charlotte

    Hi Kara,

    Piccoline always puts a lovely spin on her projects. Look close– the details are what makes this alternative tree so perfect.

  • handmade charlotte


    This crafter from South Africa has limited supplies and she always delivers a delightful project!

  • handmade charlotte

    Hi Melissa,

    I love the teal beads and the silver stars!

  • Bliss Foster

    Wow, this is such a fun take on the traditional Christmas tree. Love it!

  • Rachel Faucett

    I completely agree Bliss!

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