DIY Owl Costume

DIY Owl Costume

For­get Hal­loween, this DIY owl cos­tume is per­fect for any time of the year! Get the full details at Mom Inc Daily.

doll-sized owl costume by mikodesign

This doll-sized owl cos­tume by Erika Har­berts at Mikode­sign is equally as cute. A larger ver­sion that a child could wear would be absolutely to die for!

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  • Donna

    I need to make an adult ver­sion of this!

  • school­house­life


  • Words and Eggs


  • Rachel Hoile


  • Alysa

    I think I know what my 5 month old girl will be this Hal­loween — love this!

  • Melissa@Julia’s Book­bag

    I am FREAKING OUT about how DARLING this is!!!!

  • jody makin


  • jody makin


  • hand­made charlotte

    I think so too! Thanks for stop­ping in!:) Rachel