DIY Paint Chip Animal Friends

diy paint chip animal friends

If you’ve got a few paint chips lay­ing around, you lit­tle ones will enjoy an after­noon of play with these lit­tle ani­mal ami­gos. When play time is through, just take them apart and store flat in a ziplock bag­gie. You could even keep these in your purse for emer­gency kid melt­down moments–beats always pulling out the smartphone!

diy paint chip animal friends


  • You will need an assort­ment of fun and col­or­ful paint chips. These need to be the larger size paint chips show­cas­ing only one color (I picked mine up at Walmart).
  • Print­able tem­plates (down­load here)
  • Craft scis­sors
  • A pen or pen­cil for trac­ing tem­plate onto paint chips
DIY Paint Chip Animals

Cre­at­ing The Ani­mals
Start by down­load­ing the free ani­mal friends tem­plate pro­vided here. For best results, print the tem­plates on a heavy card stock. Then cut out the ani­mal templates.

diy paint chip animals

Trace the tem­plates onto the var­i­ous col­ored paint chips. Young chil­dren can help with this step–they’ll love get­ting involved. Have fun with the cor­re­spond­ing legs. It could be fun to use a dif­fer­ent color alto­gether or a vari­a­tion of the hue you use for the body.

On most of the ani­mal legs, you’ll need to trace them twice onto the paint chips to be sure you have both sets of legs for your animal.

diy paint chip animals

Once the ani­mals are traced you can cut them out. An older child, ages 5 and up, could help with this step. I like to use smaller craft scis­sors for cut­ting out small items and areas but they are not crucial.

diy paint chip animals

Cut into the des­ig­nated slots shown on the templates.

diy paint chip animals

Now it’s time to assem­ble your ani­mals. Match up the slots of the ani­mal bod­ies and legs. Push them together until they inter­lock to your lik­ing. Your ani­mal friend should now be able to stand on its’ own!

diy paint chip animal friends

Repeat this process with the remain­ing ani­mal friends. Enjoy!

diy paint chip animals
  • Savanah

    These are beyond adorable. I don’t have chil­dren, but I will just so I can make these for them :P

  • Mbabecka

    You could use scrap­book­ing card stock paper instead of paint chips.

  • Free­bo­hemi­anz

    How cute!!!!

  • Claire @ alittlesomething

    These are so pre­cious! I love doing craft­ing with paint chips but this is some­thing I’ve never seen before.  Thank you for the templates!

    Vis­it­ing from a fea­ture on The Cot­tage Market :)

  • Hon­ey­bee­books

    They are so adorable! Off to the hard­ware shop we go to get some paint chips!

  • hand­made charlotte

    Awe­some! Send a pic along when you get finished.



  • Thisthought

    these are so stink­ing cute. i don’t have lit­tle ones, but i might make them for myself. don’t judge me.

  • hand­made charlotte

    we won’t tell anybody :)

  • Brit­tany @ Crafty Mischief

    What a fun idea!

  • hand­made charlotte

    You’re too kind :) I stopped by your blog–beautiful, I’ll def­i­nitely be back!

  • hand­made charlotte

    So glad you enjoyed the project!

  • hand­made charlotte

    Glad you enjoyed it, come back anytime :)

  • hand­made charlotte

    A per­fectly good reason!

  • Heidi Jo

    I was just look­ing at this after repin­ning it and my 2 yr old daugh­ter came up and saw and said “ani­mals! I love ani­mals!” Guess I’ll be mak­ing them for her. :) Cute tuto­r­ial! Thanks!

  • hand­made charlotte

    Too cute! Let me know how they turn out :)

  • Clara

    Thanks a lot to you Char­lotte and to Mer for shar­ing this project! It was def­i­nitely what I was look­ing for to put inside my advent cal­en­dar! I made these ani­mals with recy­cled card­board for my kid!

    If you don’t mind I linked this post to my blog here

    Thanks! Clara

  • Mitch

    Holy crap. Love them. My Viet­namese stu­dents are also going to love them.

  • younggrandmah2b

    It might be a good idea to ask before tak­ing a quan­tity of paint chips. I was look­ing to get some for a kids’ craft project and the store told me it costs them a lot of money for a sup­ply of paint chips. I felt too guilty about tak­ing them with­out buy­ing paint.

  • Heather Inspired

    Oh gosh — that’s so very cute! I love your lit­tle ani­mals and I’ve got this linked to my DIY paint chips post too today, for inspiration!


    I recently had fun mak­ing objects out of paint chips for my stu­dents. Your idea is BRILLIANT!!

  • M

    Love the ideas! Could you maybe be per­suaded to make a cat, dog, squir­rel and owl tem­plate for us who are sketch­ing chal­lenged? Thanks for being so gen­er­ous with your talents.