DIY Paint Chip Animal Friends

diy paint chip animal friends

If you’ve got a few paint chips laying around, you little ones will enjoy an afternoon of play with these little animal amigos. When play time is through, just take them apart and store flat in a ziplock baggie. You could even keep these in your purse for emergency kid meltdown moments–beats always pulling out the smartphone!

diy paint chip animal friends


  • You will need an assortment of fun and colorful paint chips. These need to be the larger size paint chips showcasing only one color (I picked mine up at Walmart).
  • Printable templates (download here)
  • Craft scissors
  • A pen or pencil for tracing template onto paint chips
DIY Paint Chip Animals

Creating The Animals
Start by downloading the free animal friends template provided here. For best results, print the templates on a heavy card stock. Then cut out the animal templates.

diy paint chip animals

Trace the templates onto the various colored paint chips. Young children can help with this step–they’ll love getting involved. Have fun with the corresponding legs. It could be fun to use a different color altogether or a variation of the hue you use for the body.

On most of the animal legs, you’ll need to trace them twice onto the paint chips to be sure you have both sets of legs for your animal.

diy paint chip animals

Once the animals are traced you can cut them out. An older child, ages 5 and up, could help with this step. I like to use smaller craft scissors for cutting out small items and areas but they are not crucial.

diy paint chip animals

Cut into the designated slots shown on the templates.

diy paint chip animals

Now it’s time to assemble your animals. Match up the slots of the animal bodies and legs. Push them together until they interlock to your liking. Your animal friend should now be able to stand on its’ own!

diy paint chip animal friends

Repeat this process with the remaining animal friends. Enjoy!

diy paint chip animals
  • Savanah

    These are beyond adorable. I don’t have children, but I will just so I can make these for them :P

  • Mbabecka

    You could use scrapbooking card stock paper instead of paint chips.

  • Freebohemianz

    How cute!!!!

  • Claire @ alittlesomething

    These are so precious! I love doing crafting with paint chips but this is something I’ve never seen before.  Thank you for the templates!

    Visiting from a feature on The Cottage Market :)

  • Honeybeebooks

    They are so adorable! Off to the hardware shop we go to get some paint chips!

  • handmade charlotte

    Awesome! Send a pic along when you get finished.



  • Thisthought

    these are so stinking cute. i don’t have little ones, but i might make them for myself. don’t judge me.

  • handmade charlotte

    we won’t tell anybody :)

  • Brittany @ Crafty Mischief

    What a fun idea!

  • handmade charlotte

    You’re too kind :) I stopped by your blog–beautiful, I’ll definitely be back!

  • handmade charlotte

    So glad you enjoyed the project!

  • handmade charlotte

    Glad you enjoyed it, come back anytime :)

  • handmade charlotte

    A perfectly good reason!

  • Heidi Jo

    I was just looking at this after repinning it and my 2 yr old daughter came up and saw and said “animals! I love animals!” Guess I’ll be making them for her. :) Cute tutorial! Thanks!

  • handmade charlotte

    Too cute! Let me know how they turn out :)

  • Clara

    Thanks a lot to you Charlotte and to Mer for sharing this project! It was definitely what I was looking for to put inside my advent calendar! I made these animals with recycled cardboard for my kid!

    If you don’t mind I linked this post to my blog here

    Thanks! Clara

  • Mitch

    Holy crap. Love them. My Vietnamese students are also going to love them.

  • younggrandmah2b

    It might be a good idea to ask before taking a quantity of paint chips. I was looking to get some for a kids’ craft project and the store told me it costs them a lot of money for a supply of paint chips. I felt too guilty about taking them without buying paint.

  • Heather Inspired

    Oh gosh – that’s so very cute! I love your little animals and I’ve got this linked to my DIY paint chips post too today, for inspiration!


    I recently had fun making objects out of paint chips for my students. Your idea is BRILLIANT!!

  • M

    Love the ideas! Could you maybe be persuaded to make a cat, dog, squirrel and owl template for us who are sketching challenged? Thanks for being so generous with your talents.

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