DIY Paper Cup Reindeer

DIY Paper Cup Reindeer

Here’s a fun & sim­ple lit­tle project from illus­tra­tor Estéfi Machado for the kids to enjoy this hol­i­day sea­son. All you need to make this cute lit­tle rein­deer is a cup, a paper straw, and red card stock.

DIY Paper Cup Reindeer


  • Paper cup
  • Two paper straws
  • Red card stock (for the ears)
  • Scis­sors
  • Glue
  • Black per­ma­nent marker
DIY Paper Cup Reindeer

Step 1: Cre­ate The Antlers
Cut each paper straw into four parts: 1 large, 1 medium, and 2 small (as pic­tured). Make diag­o­nal cuts, as this will make the antlers eas­ier to assemble.

DIY Paper Cup Reindeer

Step 2: Assem­ble & Attach
Using either a hot-glue gun or instant glue, assem­ble the antlers and then attach them to the side of the cup. Cut the ears using red card stock and attach to the cup as well, just under­neath the antlers.

DIY Paper Cup Reindeer

Step 3: Make A Face
Using a black per­ma­nent marker, draw a face for your rein­deer on the front of the cup. That’s it, enjoy your fes­tive lit­tle friend!

  • Mon­ster­scir­cus

    That’s really cute and cool. It so lovely so see what paper­straws also can be used for. Have a great day :-)

  • melissa ahamad

    This is so adorable! I love the thought this took.


  • McKenna Ryan

    I love this!! I am plan­ning a fam­ily Chris­mas party and this would be so much fun to make for all of the lit­tle ones! I would def­i­nitely be the favorite aunt. Thanks for post­ing this cre­ative project.

  • McKenna Ryan
  • Melissa Kojima

    Ooooooh! They are so cute and easy to do. Yeah, great craft for kids, but also fun as hol­i­day party decor.

  • biboulan­dand­mamsstory
  • disqus_l5F6cktVt3

    So cute & fun!!!!

  • Melissa Mad­den

    How cute is that!