DIY Birthday Party Hats

DIY Indian Party Hat

Here’s the per­fect lit­tle Indian head­dress for your birth­day pow-wow. Head over to Dear Lizzy for details on the party hat and more from the amaz­ing lit­tle Indian party she threw for her daughter.

DIY old-fashioned newspaper party hats

You can never go wrong with an old-fashioned news­pa­per hat. This DIY ver­sion from Curly Birds adds a super fun cloud theme to the mix.

DIY Newspaper Party Crown

This news­pa­per crown is sim­ple but totally awe­some. Visit At Home with Kim Val­lée for details.

DIY Felt Party Hats

Here’s a lovely felt birth­day hat tuto­r­ial from Princess Lasertron. I love the soft color combinations.

DIY Pompom Hat

These DIY party hats from Open­ing Cer­e­mony pack a fes­tive sparkle with paper accents. So fun!

DIY Party Hats

These fes­tive party hats add a touch of sophis­ti­ca­tion in the details. Visit Martha Stew­art for the tutorial.

wooden party crowns

I love these wooden party crowns. Head over to A Gift Wrapped Life for the tutorial.

Lovely DIY party hats

Lovely hand­made party hats by Shan­non Leigh Ander­son. Visit The Sweet­est Occa­sion for more info.

  • Melissa Kojima

    Oooooh, party hats. You know I’m there! I love the feath­ers one by Dear Lizzy. It reminds me of the paper play ones that Mer­rilee at Mer Mag cre­ated for Babiekins Magazine.

  • Joy

    O.K., as a Native Amer­i­can myself, I’m going to climb down off my extremely high Pinto and say that I am not in the least offended by a “Lit­tle Indian” party. Hey, at least the cul­ture is being acknowl­edged instead of shoved under an “Indian” blan­ket some­where. You don’t see Queen Lizzie get­ting all huffy when some­one wears a party crown, or the Pope stomp­ing his foot when a kid dons a miter hat at New Years. I have seen so many dif­fer­ent types of meno­rahs (even made from TP rolls) and never heard a peep from Jews about it. So, let’s just unbraid our hair for a bit and remem­ber that being over-the-top PC is just as bad as being bigoted.