DIY Piñata Advent Calendar

DIY Piñata Advent Calendar

What could be cooler than count­ing down to Christ­mas by break­ing open a pinata every­day? Get your kids in the hol­i­day spirit with this fun & sim­ple hol­i­day craft tuto­r­ial from our newest con­trib­u­tor Sara Schmutz, founder of uber-cool party shop Con­fetti Sunshine.


  • Paper cups (pint-sized ice cream cups rec­om­mended, avail­able here)
  • Party fringe (avail­able from Con­fetti Sunshine)
  • Tis­sue paper
  • Twine
DIY Piñata Advent Calendar

Step 1: Cre­ate The Piñata
Glue fringe onto paper cups. Next, punch two holes a the top of each piñata and thread & tie with twine. This is what you will use to hang the piñatas.

DIY Piñata Advent Calendar

Step 2: Fill With Loot
Turn the piñatas over and fill with an assort­ment of treats, games, toys and activities.

DIY Piñata Advent Calendar

Step 3: Pack The Punch
Cut a 2-inch cir­cle out of heavy card stock and a 4-inch cir­cle out of tis­sue paper. Tie paper cir­cle with a length of twine. Cut an “x” into the mid­dle of the tis­sue paper circle.

Next, place the paper cir­cle in the piñata. Put the tis­sue cir­cle on top and glue it around the ridge of the cup. Be sure to pull the string that you tied to the paper cir­cle through the “x” in the tis­sue paper.

DIY Piñata Advent Calendar

Once you’ve assem­bled your piñatas, it’s time to hang them up. Count down to Christ­mas each day by pulling the string at the bot­tom of the piñata to break it open for a fes­tive surprise.

Happy craft­ing!

  • Kath­leen

    This is amaz­ing! I wish I had thought of it.

  • McKenna Ryan

    What a lovely party idea!!! This is so cre­ative. It would be per­fect for any sort of soiree. Thanks for the lovely idea. xx. Lou

  • Melissa Kojima

    Wow. What a truly fun advent cal­en­dar. Mak­ing 25 seems like a lot though. Never the less, an amaz­ing idea!

  • Beth

    This is really cool! So much fun!