DIY Pinata Cake

DIY Pinata Cake DIY Pinata Cake DIY Pinata Cake

I simply had to share this piñata cake our fab contributor Victoria Hudgins shared recently on  A Subtle Revelry. Is this not every kid’s dream or what?

Making the cake is a snap, thanks to Victoria’s easy-to-follow instructions. Head over to her site for all the details!

  • melissa

    OH MY GOODNESS, this is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen! I love that you guys put lollipops with wrappers and all. Totally legit.


  • evie

    i love it! so fun : )

  • Nicole G

    Oh my goodness, this is amazing!! I am definitely bookmarking this! As a party planner, I will definitely keep this handy.

    thanks for sharing!

  • Karen @

    OMG! That looks awesome and yummy!

  • Erin McDonald

    This is a beautiful idea! My kids are obsessed with pinatas and birthdays.

  • Bliss Foster

    Being paid to organize kids parties sounds like dream job!

  • Bliss Foster

    This looks like the tastiest thing I can think of. I’ll have to give this a try when the next birthday rolls around.

  • Bonnie Rush

    This is birthday brilliance!!

  • lovelygalletas

    Lovely cake. Perfect idea!!!

    Your blog is fantastic. You have perfect ideas

    Have a nice day :D